In Need Of A Lift

Tuesday, 1 October 2013  |  Paul

This week I was pleased to discover a new product that Ineeded – but amazed to discover that Health and Care does not currently stockit!

Like a surprisingly large number of people I use a heel liftto make up for one leg being slightly shorter than the other. My manky right leghas been a little shorter than my left since a bout of Osgoode Schlatter’sdisease in my right knee during the teenage years, and so I have turned tovarious heel lifts for a long time (currently rocking a Clearly Adjustable HeelLift).

Recently however I learned, via a recent study intopodiatry, that long term use of a standard heel lift can cause problemsthroughout the ankle and leg due to increased inclination of one heel. Eventhough one’s height may be corrected using a normal heel lift, without goinginto details, the study showed that lifting one heel creates an imbalance withone foot flat and the other inclined – altering one’s gait, putting pressure onthe ankle joint and possibly cause issues long-term.

The answer to this problem is to use a full foot lift.Instead of lifting just the heel and tilting the foot forwards, a full footlift lifts the whole foot up and thus eliminates the issue. This sounds simpleright? However, the availability of these products is very limited and they arenot easy to find!

I can tell you’re concerned – and if you use heel lifts youshould be – but do not fear since Health and Care are on the case and willhopefully stock a full foot lift shortly!