8 CommentsFriday, 11 October 2013  |  Paul

There was no doubt what this week’s blog was going to beabout. Illness.

It’s the start of the sickly season and I have succumbedalready to some kind of fever, having my first day off sick in at least 10years.

When you are sick, literally the only thing you can think about is becoming notsick and most people will do absolutely anything to become a bit less ill a bitquicker. And of course realising this, the medicine manufacturers knew theywere on to a money spinner - I bet they were rubbing their hands with gleethinking ‘let’s charge a fortune for cheap medicine and market it as‘soothing’.

Now you get crushed paracetamol costing about a penny tomake dressed up as a nice lemon drink and sold for five quid – and people willqueue up and fork out for this stuff.

Others believe in a more natural approach, thinking that ifthey eat a shed load of blueberries and drink a million glasses of orange juicethey will be cured quicker.

Well readers, I’ve tried both and can honestly say that itmakes absolutely no difference whatsoever what you do, because those nastylittle bacteria inside you will do their thing either way and make your life amisery no matter what the hell you ingest.