How to Use Your Dyna-Band Exercise Resistance Band

Thursday, 24 May 2018  |  Paul

Originally designed to rehabilitate and strengthen patients during their recoveries from injuries, the Dyna-Band Resistance Band has since been adapted for use in a number of interesting and innovative ways, from gentle exercise to a stretching aid for Pilates. The simple, yet highly adaptable piece of exercise equipment has proven effective for a multitude of purposes, as people constantly work out the best ways to utilise the band for strength and resistance training. So if you need some inspiration on how to use your Dyna-Band, here’s a quick and simple guide on some of the best uses.

Woman using a Dyna-Band for stretching

How Does the Dyna-Band Exercise Resistance Band Work?

The Dyna-Band’s simple yet adaptable design allows for uses in a multitude of ways. However the basic principle of the Dyna Band is its ability to provide resistance. As it is stretched the resistance increases. The Dyna-Band resistance band provides resistance while the muscle is both in its concentric (shortening) and its eccentric (elongating) phases. This allows for more fully developed muscle growth. As such, when incorporated into a workout routine or stretching regimen, the Dyna Band assists in training and developing muscles for real strength and flexibility. 

Change-Up Your Workout Routine 

The Dyna-Band Resistance Band can be used in a variety of ways to improve your workout and strengthen your muscles. Significantly the Dyna-Band allows for varied levels of resistance depending on the extent to which it is stretched and the positions in which it’s held. As such a single Dyna-Band resistance band allows you to increase resistance and develop your workout as you and your muscles grow stronger. Thus from back to biceps there are potentially hundreds of different workouts that can be done using the Dyna-Band. This means the choice of workouts is endless when using the Dyna-Band resistance band so it’s a great idea to work out the specific workouts that suit you and your needs!  

Increase the Resistance in Your Yoga and Pilates Regimens 

Yoga and Pilates can be a fun and relaxing way to strengthen your muscles and increase flexibility. The Dyna-Band offers to take your routines up an extra level by increasing the resistance, thus allowing you to develop added strength and endurance through your normal routine. By incorporating the Dyna-Band into your poses, your routine is transformed into a high-powered, resistance training workout. Ideal for building core strength, particularly through Pilates, the Dyna-Band makes a single routine more efficient and more challenging for those who enjoy a more intense stretching regimen. 

Safe and Effective Rehabilitation

The Dyna-Band is unique in that it provides resistance in direct response to your strength and ability. As such it is ideal for use in rehabilitating muscles and building strength after an injury. As the Dyna-Band does not use weight in creating resistance, it provides an entirely safe way to build strength and train your muscles. The light and adaptable nature of the Dyna-Band means it can be used anywhere at any time for muscle recovery and rehabilitation. As such it is the perfect piece of equipment for use as part of a tight and busy schedule for the active individual. 

Where to Buy the Dyna-Band Resistance Band?

The Dyna Band Resistance Band is available here on Health and Care. Colour coded for convenience the Dyna Band is available in four different colours each offering a different level of resistance. Suitable for all abilities from those in recovery to fully fledged athletes, the Dyna Band allows you to achieve the levels of resistance you need!

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