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Aircast AirSport Ankle Brace

How to use the MSD-Band Shoulder Rope Pulley

1 CommentFriday, 10 August 2018  |  Paul

Inexpensive, simple to use and highly effective, the over-door MSD-Band Shoulder Rope Pulley is your gateway to a huge variety of resistive shoulder exercises. Whether you are looking to rehabilitate or prevent an injury, or simply to build up strength, the versatility and simplicity of the MSD-Band Shoulder Pulley can help you achieve your goals with the minimum of fuss and cost.

How to Exercise with the MSD Shoulder Pulley

First things first – make sure you set up the pulley safely and securely according to the instructions provided. It's highly important that the door is not opened while the pulley is mounted, so if the door's got a lock, you'll probably want to use it.

These exercises are intended to help you stretch an injured shoulder. You'll always be pulling with your good arm, allowing your other arm to move passively. Perform these exercises slowly and with control, and always consult a licensed healthcare professional before use.

Exercise I - Up and Down

One of the most basic movements possible with the MSD Shoulder Pulley, the Up and Down exercise is great as a warm-up or a general strength builder. However, it's important to remember to emphasise the role of the shoulders in your movement in order to get the most out of this exercise.

MSD Band - Up and Down

1. Put a chair against the door and sit so you are facing the door. Your toes should be around 25cm from the door.


2. Grab a handle with each hand and gently pull the rope straight up and down. Make sure your shoulder does not hurt when stretching.


3. In the downward movement, try to make the shoulder go down and backwards as far as possible.

Exercise II - Side Circle

The Side Circle is a gentle rehabilitation exercise, putting a safe but significant load on your injured arm and helping you to regain strength and range of motion. Make sure your injured arm remains largely passive and remember to stop if you feel any pain.

MSD Band - Side Circle

1. Put a chair against the door and sit so you are facing away from the door.

2. Grab a handle with each hand and gently pull the rope up and down.

3. Keep the injured arm stretched to the side, allowing it to make a circular motion to your side. Make sure your shoulder does not hurt when stretching.

Exercise III - Rotation

Gently stretching the rotator cuff muscles, the Rotation exercise can really help you feel the benefits of resistive exercise. Your good arm always controls how much your injured arm will rotate, so remember to adjust your pull force accordingly.

MSD Band - Rotation

1. Put a chair against the door and sit so the side of your injured arm faces the door.

2. Hold your injured elbow against your body.

3. Grab a handle with each hand and gently pull with your good arm, making your injured arm rotate.

Exercise IV - Internal Rotation

One of the most advanced exercises available with the MSD pulley, Internal Rotation should only be attempted towards the end of a rehabilitation cycle. Due to the potential for overstretching, great care must be taken when undertaking this exercise, and having a helper on hand is recommended.

MSD Band - Internal Rotation

1. Put a chair against the door and sit so the side of your injured arm faces away from the door.

2. Grab a handle with your injured arm behind your back. Chances are that you will be able to do this by yourself, but have someone hand you the handle if necessary.

3. Gently pull with your good arm, making your injured arm go upward behind your back. Be very careful when performing this exercise.

Other Exercises

The MSD-Band Shoulder Pulley is infinitely versatile, with a multitude of exercise combinations available. Movements that can be undertaken with the Shoulder Pulley include:

  • Diagonal chops
  • Diagonal lifts
  • External rotation
  • Horizontal extension
  • Horizontal flexion
  • Internal rotation
  • Shoulder abduction
  • Shoulder adduction
  • Shoulder flexion

More Doorway Equipment

With incredibly simple, damage-free installation, the MSD-Band Shoulder Pulley is an extremely convenient and cost-effective way to accelerate recovery of an injured shoulder. Utilising a door frame for exercise helps you save money on gym memberships and expensive rehabilitation programmes. A variety of other helpful doorway exercise equipment is available from Health and Care, including:

Relieve Your Shoulders Now

With an incredibly simple yet highly versatile design, unrivalled affordability and eco-friendly packaging, the MSD Shoulder Pulley will be the shoulder rehabilitation device of choice for many. Available now with fast and free UK delivery, it's a must-have – whether you are recovering from injury or want to prevent it in the future.

Are you recovering from a shoulder injury? Or have you experienced great results with another product in the past? Let us know in the comments below, or find us on Facebook and Twitter!

Tags: Shoulder Pain, Rehabilitation, Exercise, Product Focus

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