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Aircast AirSport Ankle Brace

How To Stop Your Shoes Wearing Down On One Side

2 CommentsMonday, 23 March 2020  |  Eugene

Nobody likes when their favourite pair of shoes starts breaking down before they're supposed to. Over time, every pair of shoes will eventually succumb to wear and tear, but there are plenty of ways to keep them at their best for longer. One of the most common causes of breakdown is that shoes may begin to wear down on one side, creating a lopsided effect that can destroy your shoes and throw off your step.

Why Do My Shoes Wear More On One Side?

The rate and way in which our shoes wear down is affected by many variants: from body alignment and biomechanical stresses to the kind of shoes we choose to wear. Most likely, uneven wear will be a result of an overpronating gait (when your foot rolls inwards to the big-toe-side) or a supinating, or underpronating gait (where your foot rolls outwards towards the little toe). By looking at the soles of your shoes once they start to wear, you should be able to tell which camp you fall into:

  • Overpronation Wear Pattern: More wear in the centre of the heel and the big-toe-side of the forefoot
  • Supination Wear Pattern: More wear towards the little-toe-side of the forefoot and heel

How Can I Prevent Uneven Wear?

Out of all the methods to keep your shoes from breaking down on one side, we've found one to be by far the most effective: The Pedag Correct Heel Pads. These are well-cushioned heel pads that provide a soft cushioning effect that favours one side of the heel, helping to alleviate either supination or overpronation depending on how you place them in your shoes. 

Pedag Correct Heel Pads to stop your shoes from wearing on one side

These heel pads will correct your walking posture and therefore level out your heels to reduce the pressure that causes shoes to wear down. By evening out the pressure you place on your instep or the outside of your shoe, your weight will focus on the centre of the sole, providing optimal pressure distribution that your shoes can deal with. As an added bonus, you'll feel much more comfortable as you walk as well.

How Do I Place the Correct Heel Pads in My Shoes?

The way you place the Pedag Correct Pads in your shoes will determine whether they help to correct supination or overponation. Place with the thicker end of the cushion on the inside (big-toe-side) of your shoes to correct overpronation, which causes wear to the big-toe-side of your sole. Place with the thicker end of the cushion on the outside (little-toe-side) of your shoes to correct supination, which causes wear to the little-toe-side of your sole. The graphic below provides a simple illustration of proper placement.

Proper placement of the Pedag Correct Heel Pads

What Else Can These Heel Pads Help With?

These heel pads are not only a solution to shoes wearing on one side; they're great for a range of other problems as well. They provide a simple solution to bow legs or knock-knees, levelling out your legs as you walk for a smooth, uninterrupted stride. Made from genuine leather, these pads feature a self-adhesive underside, ensuring they stay where they need to be for all-day relief and shoe protection.

Save Your Soles

Whether you wear your shoes down by walking, running or anything else, correcting your gait can do more than just save the soles of your shoes. Conditions like back, hip and knee pain can all be worsened by an uneven gait, so sorting the issue out before it gets any worse is crucial to your long-term mobility. You can purchase the Pedag Correct Heel Pads from Health and Care with free UK delivery on all orders, or if you'd like to see the range we've chosen these heel pads from, feel free to browse our comprehensive Shoe Insoles section.

Do you have any questions about Pedag Correct Heel Pads, or something to add? Share your thoughts below or find us on Facebook and Twitter!

Tags: Foot Care, Health and Care Expert Series, Insoles, Running, Shoes

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