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How to Stop Tinnitus

Wednesday, 15 May 2019  |  Paul

Tinnitus – the perception of ringing or buzzing when there is no external source – can be an infuriating and confusing condition. What makes things worse is that the more you think about it the more difficult it can become to handle. But it is not insurmountable and can get better; here's how to stop tinnitus.

Learn how to improve your tinnitus

What Causes Tinnitus?

Lots of people assume that tinnitus is always a result of exposure to loud noise. But there are far more causes of tinnitus then spending too long at rock concerts:

  • Hearing loss as you age – this is an inevitability which is sadly sometimes accompanied by tinnitus
  • Stress or anxiety – at the very least this can make existing tinnitus much worse
  • Ear infections – while these must be seen by your GP, and related tinnitus is likely temporary
  • Ear wax build up – this is a surprising cause of tinnitus but fortunately one with a simpler solution: getting the impacted wax removed by a nurse
  • Ménière's disease – a rare condition that affects the inner ear and is most often accompanied by vertigo
  • Perforated eardrum – these can be caused by infections, pressure change or extremely loud noises, and will undoubtedly also be very painful
  • Extended exposure to loud noise – it is always important to protect your ears, whether you work in a loud environment or enjoy going to gigs 
  • Diabetes – high fluid pressure in the ear can sometimes result in tinnitus

Whatever you suspect the cause of your tinnitus might be, it is vital that you visit a GP to ascertain its cause.

Preventing Tinnitus

If you're reading this and don't yet have tinnitus – or have only mild tinnitus – don't underestimate the importance of looking after your ears! It is important to wear protective earplugs when listening to loud live music, particularly if you do it regularly. They won't stop you hearing the music, but they will stop you hearing ringing sounds. 

Relief Through Relaxation

For many people, their experience of tinnitus is closely related to the anxiety they feel because of tinnitus. This can be a horrible cycle because the more anxious you feel about your tinnitus the more you notice it and the louder it will seem. Thankfully, however, the opposite is also true, and as you become more calm you will notice your tinnitus less and less.

Everyone has a different relationship to this kind of anxiety, but some common elements of relaxation include:

  • Meditation techniques
  • Relaxing exercises such as Yoga or Tai Chi
  • Ensuring you stay active
  • Maintaining a healthy diet

Masking the Tinnitus

Related to relaxation, but making larger steps to actively block tinnitus sounds, are techniques for using sound to mask your tinnitus. You can try using the ambient sound of something like a desk fan, but you are likely to find active white-noise devices more effective.

Tinnitus Sound Pillow

Tinnitus Sound PillowTinnitus is often worst when you are trying to sleep. The Tinnitus Sound Pillow uses two built in speakers to to play noise through your pillow as you go to sleep. It can be hooked up to either an MP3 player or Tinnitus relaxer via a standard 3.5mm cable (provided).

Dual Pillow Speakers for Tinnitus Relief

Dual Pillow Speakers for Tinnitus ReliefIf you'd rather keep your current pillow, the Dual Speakers for Tinnitus Relief can be slid under the pillow of your choice. They also come with a standard audio cable and can be plugged into an MP3 or smart phone to play relaxing audio or white noise.

Sound Oasis S-100 White Noise Machine

Sound Oasis S-100 White Noise MachineIf you don't have a smart phone or MP3 player, or don't have access to white noise, a noise machine is an excellent relaxation tool. The Sound Oasis S-100 White Noise Machine comes with ten different white noise tracks, and includes fine volume control.

Sound Oasis BST-100 Portable Bluetooth Tinnitus Relaxer

Sound Oasis BST-100 Portable Bluetooth Tinnitus RelaxerWhite noise isn't for everyone, and if you would rather ambient nature sounds the Sound Oasis BST-100 Portable Bluetooth Tinnitus Relaxer is an excellent option. It also comes with an audio port, which allows you to play the sound through headphones or even a pillow speaker.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our tinnitus related products please let us know in the comments below. Alternatively, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Tags: Aids for Daily Living, Sleep Better, Learn About Conditions, Tinnitus, Hearing Impairment

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Tinnitus Sound Pillow
  • Sound pillow to relieve tinnitus symptoms through relaxation
  • Two built-in speakers for ease of use
  • Can connect to MP3 players or tinnitus relaxers
  • Supplied with audio connection lead

Dual Pillow Speakers for Tinnitus Relief
  • Speakers for beneath pillows to ease tinnitus symptoms
  • Helps direct soothing sounds near your ears
  • Can connect to MP3 players or tinnitus relaxers
  • Supplied with audio connection lead

Sound Oasis S-100 White Noise Machine
  • Features ten different tones of white noise to help relieve tinnitus
  • Helps users relax and sleep both at home and while travelling
  • USB connection for powering by laptop or mains adaptor
  • Volume control to provide optimum rest and comfort

Sound Oasis BST-100 Portable Bluetooth Tinnitus Relaxer
  • Sound therapy ideal for relieving tinnitus symptoms
  • Ten relaxing nature sounds ideal for stress relief
  • Rechargeable and portable ideal for on the go
  • Headphone connection for individual use