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How to Sleep with Tinnitus

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Tinnitus should be thought of more seriously than it already is, as if you're a sufferer you'll be aware of the problems that it can cause. Tinnitus is different to every sufferer: for some it's a nuisance in the background, and for others it's a blight on life that even disrupts normal conversations and watching TV. A constant from every sufferer is that they'll report hearing a certain degree of buzzing, humming, drilling, whistling, whirring and hissing coming from their ear.

How to Sleep with Tinnitus
Tinnitus can cause severe insomnia, but sleeping doesn't have to be a struggle

It can interfere with your sleeping too. When things get quiet tinnitus can appear to get louder, which can cause long sleepless nights that lead to increased stress, anxiety and other mental and physical health problems. We decided to find out just How to Sleep with Tinnitus, ensuring that, in time, you can sleep soundly again.

Sleeping with Tinnitus: The Cycle

Sleeping with tinnitus can be a viscous cycle, as a quiet environment makes tinnitus easier to detect, which ultimately makes someone more aware of the condition. This then affects the quality of sleep, as the sufferer is stimulated by the noise, which leads to feelings of anxiety and frustration. The tiredness the following day makes the tinnitus worse, making the problem more severe the following night.

Our Top Ways to Sleep with Tinnitus

To stop the insomnia that can come with tinnitus, there are steps you can take to make sleeping at night easier. We've compiled this simple list that has been proven to work in the past. We do recommend that if it gets so bad however then you visit the doctor, as they will be able to prescribe medication to help with both the sleep and the condition.

Use Insomnia Tricks

If you've ever suffered from insomnia, then you'll be aware of the tricks that are recommended to get people to nod off during the night. This includes things such as no alcohol before bed, and sleeping in a dark room. Some other tips include:

  • No caffeine
  • Wear an eye mask
  • Sleep at the same time every night
  • Wake up at the same time every day (even on the weekend)
  • Stay active during the day

Use Relaxation Methods

A common method is to find out a way to relax before bed. This can include breathing exercises, turning off your bedroom light a good hour before you go to bed, and to practice meditation for a few minutes in the late evening. If you struggle with self relaxation methods, then there are plenty of products out there that are specially developed to aid with relaxation for sufferers with tinnitus.

Soothing Sounds Colour Change Light

Another popular choice is the Soothing Sounds Colour Change Light, which helps sufferers to relax to the sounds of nature with mood lighting that comes with a special colour-changing effect. Featuring three different sound and light options, this easy-to-use light allows total relaxation to provide an escape from the ringing that tinnitus brings.

Soothing Sounds Colour Change Light
Soothing Sounds Colour Change Light

Look After Your Senses

If you're stimulated before you go to sleep, then you'll struggle, no matter if you have tinnitus or not. It's recommended that the room you sleep in is as dark as possible, therefore buying an eye mask may help. Additionally, a quiet room is worse than a louder room, but people have recommended that wearing earplugs while playing relaxing music loud enough to come through the speakers can help dull the ringing and help you to sleep.

Hush Plugz Silicone Earplugs (Pack of Seven Pairs)

The Hush Plugz Silicone Earplugs are manufactured using medical grade silicone, meaning that they provide the highest quality performance. Extremely popular for people who struggle with sleeping, these earplugs promise to lower the frequency that stops you from sleeping while providing excellent comfort.

Hush Plugz Silicone Ear Plugs
Hush Plugs Silicone Earplugs

Get Treatment

Another method is to simply get treatment, whether it be for mental tricks or a physical fix for your ear. Doctors can prescribe over-the-counter medicine for tinnitus, and people in the past have said that taking cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has helped then sleep when nothing else could.

Sleeping with Tinnitus Doesn't Have to Be an Uphill Battle

Sleeping with tinnitus doesn't have to be a struggle, and just numbing the noise with relaxation music or meditation have been proven to help in the past. We have a wide choice of Tinnitus Support products on our website, and if they don't help we have a wide range of Sleeping Aids too.

Do you have any questions or something to add regarding how you get to sleep with tinnitus? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Facebook and Twitter!

Tags: Sleep Better, Tinnitus, Hearing Impairment

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Hush Plugz Silicone Earplugs (Pack of Seven Pairs)
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Soothing Sounds Colour Change Light

Relax to the sounds of nature and mood lighting with the special colour change effect. Helps relieve stress and the effects of tinnitus.