How the Serola Sacroiliac Belt for Back Pain Can Prevent Sports Injuries

Thursday, 28 September 2017

No matter what your sport of choice is, the likelihood of sustaining an injury increases the harder you train. However, this doesn't mean that you should train less frequently or with lessened vigour; wearing the right protective accessories while training can have a significant impact against those unruly injuries.

When an injury does occur, suffering from pain in the lower back can not only be debilitating, but it also has the potential to hinder your future training. Read on to find out how the Serola Sacroiliac Belt for Back Pain can prevent these injuries from occurring and damaging your career as well as your back

What Is the Sacroiliac Belt for Back Pain?

The Sacroiliac Belt for Back Pain is an internationally recognised lower back support aid from Serola Biomechanics. The company was founded in the USA in 1989 by Dr Rick Serola after he suffered a relentless sports injury, and since then the company has grown from strength to strength and now offers worldwide reach.

Their Sacroiliac Belt for Back Pain has been designed to support the sacroiliac (SI) joint, which provides shock absorption to the spine while enabling the lower body to tilt and rotate. By wearing the belt, reliable protection can be provided to the sacroiliac joint to enable proper function and movement with reduced pain.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

A wide range of factors can contribute to lower back pain. However, lower back pain can often arise as a result to the sacroiliac joint. When put under stress and strain, the ligaments around the joint will sprain or tear, resulting in pain and discomfort.

Although such damage to the sacroiliac joint may be expected for athletes and anybody with a particularly active lifestyle, it is still important to protect the area from harm as much as possible; this is where the Sacroiliac Belt comes in.

When Can the Belt Be Worn?

Due to the diverse range of sports and fitness activities placing pressure on the sacroiliac joint, the Sacroiliac Belt for Back Pain has been designed to be suitable for as many sportspeople and athletes as possible. Whether playing golf or tennis, working out at the gym, or stretching during yoga or after a cardio workout, the belt can be worn to protect against ligament sprains.

As the belt does not severely restrict movement, it can be worn under clothing during most sporting activities to help limit stress on the sacroiliac ligaments during gameplay.

Treating an Existing Lower Back Injury

If the unfortunate has occurred and an injury to the lower back has already been caused, wearing the Serola Sacroiliac Belt while you rest from strenuous activities can help to speed up the healing process and subsequently reduce the pain associated with the injury.

This will also help to prevent the injured lower back from becoming subject to further damage before it has had time to correctly heal. Wearing the belt both as a preventative measure during strenuous activity and during periods of rest while allowing injuries to heal will help to ensure that you can remain as active as possible with as little disruption as possible to your training schedule.

Which Size of Sacroiliac Belt Do I Need?

The Serola Sacroiliac Belt for Back Pain is available five sizes: it can be purchased in sizes Small to Extra Large if your hip circumference ranges from 76cm to 132cm, and a slightly larger belt accommodating a circumference of 60" (around 152cm) is also available. If you fall in between sizes, the larger of the two sizes would be advised to ensure optimal comfort and support without causing you restriction or discomfort.

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