How the Lockabox Can Help You Care for a Dementia Sufferer

Thursday, 22 December 2016  |  Alex

Anyone that has ever cared for someone with dementia or a diminished capacity knows that there are a multitude of challenges that can arise at any time. Mundane, everyday activities that most people takes for granted – for example brushing your teeth or making a cup of tea – can become fraught with peril. You can't watch someone every hour of every day; it's simply not practical.

Here at Health and Care, we stock a wide selection of high quality care solutions, including many that are targeted specifically towards people suffering from Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. One of these products is the Lockabox Classic Lockable Storage Box, a versatile solution to a variety of commonplace problems.

What is the Lockabox?

The Lockabox is one of those products that is so simple and so useful, that it is amazing that no-one thought of it sooner. Basically a more affordable and versatile version of a safe, the Lockabox allows you to store valuables without having to worry about people tampering with them. Featuring a three digit combination code lock, the Lockabox is simple to use and you don't have to worry about losing keys. The Lockabox is compact, lightweight and can even be stacked, providing you with simple and secure storage.

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Originally, the Lockabox was designed as a way for students living in shared accommodation to protect their food from their less considerate neighbours. However, once the product reached the market, people realised that the versatility of the design meant that it could be used in far more situations than were originally envisioned. Soon, a whole range of different users were finding new and novel ways of utilising the Lockabox and one of the key areas was in care.

How Can You Use the Lockabox for Care?

Dementia is a phrase that can denote a wide spectrum of symptoms and one person having dementia may be far more capable of independent living than another. It is hard to guess how a patient's dementia will affect them – some people may be liable to forget whether or not they've taken their medicine and this can lead to the risk of mis-management. For people like this, the Lockabox can be used as secure drug storage, ensuring that they do not take any medicine other than that administered to them by a carer. With the Lockabox's compact design, it can even be used within a fridge, making it suitable for medication that needs to be refrigerated, such as insulin.

For other people who's dementia is more severe, using secure storage can be even more of a necessity. If you are looking after someone that is easily confused, something as seemingly harmless as everyday toiletries can pose a threat as they are often mixed up or misused. People suffering from dementia have been known to ingest shampoo and soaps, and to mistake toothpaste for moisturiser or skin cream. It is important to keep these everyday items within close proximity to your patient and by using a Lockabox you can keep these potentially dangerous items close at hand but out of harm's reach.

Why the Lockabox Will Revolutionise Your Care

As every carer knows, looking after someone that is suffering from dementia can at times present the same challenges as looking after a small child. For some people 24-hour care is needed and you'd be amazed the benefits that an item as simple as the Lockabox can provide – once you have one, you'll find any number of uses for it! Unlike other secure storage solutions, the Lockabox can be quickly repurposed from one need to another, allowing you to adapt on your feet and in real time to the needs of your patient.

At only £29.95 per Lockabox with free UK Delivery on all orders, Health and Care can ensure that you have as many of these time-saving wonder-boxes as you need. Whether you're a care facility looking to kit-out each room with a single box or someone that cares for a loved-one and needs multiple boxes, we can also offer you great bulk discounts (click here to make an enquiry about a bulk purchase). With the Lockabox, you can make sure that your providing the best level of care possible for your loved one.