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How Comfortable Will My Support Be?

Sunday, 1 June 2014  |  Paul

Something that is often a difficult decision when it comes to purchasing a support or brace is how well will it stand up to everyday use and, in particular, how comfortable will it be? There are many reasons why this is a legitimate concern, such as the shape of the item, the materials used and the fit that is achieved.

Whether it’s a knee support, ankle support or wrist support all of these things needs to be taken account of since it’s not only the purely functional aspect of the item that’s important! Here’s a guide on what info to look out for when buying online.

- Shape of the support: Some supports will have the ability to be moulded slightly to accrue the best fit and that’s a handy feature. Things like AFO foot drop supports and finger splints usually feature this. This means if you receive your item and feel it needs reshaping slightly then you can! Furthermore, most wrist braces have an aluminium splint which is malleable enabling you to achieve optimal comfort.

- Materials used: This is an important consideration, for example if you wish to be using a brace in the warmer months one made with ‘neoprene’ fabric could quite possibly get a bit hot and sweaty! This is because it’s designed to retain heat for healing purposes. So if you’re going to be needing everyday support you should probably look into elastic materials or those of a mesh fabric – or for some wrist braces, the aptly named ‘ventoprene’.

- Fitting: Of course possibly the most important factor in achieving optimal comfort is getting the size right! This can be tricky since everyone is different and sizing guides are usually just that. The vast majority of the time they will give you the size you need but in the unlikely event you are inbetween sizes then we recommend going for the size above – at least you’ll get in it! More than likely this will work but if not, you can simply return for an exchange

I hope this helps!