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How can the iHelp help you and your loved ones?

Wednesday, 17 December 2014  |  Paul

The iHelp is our new anti-wander and fall detection device. The iHelp is perfect for anyone with concerns for;

  • an elderly relative or ward
  • a disabled relative or ward
  • young children
  • a lone worker
  • individuals on a camping or hiking trip

The iHelp is extremely simple but effective. It uses a mobile sim card in order to get telephone and GPS signal so you can track down and contact the device from an online app. The iHelp stores up to 5 contact numbers which are ranked in order of priority. These numbers can check the location of the device at any point in time and can also make a direct call to the iHelp if necessary. The great thing about the iHelp is that the wearer is also able to contact the stored numbers. At a push a button the wearer is able to send a text with a link to their location on Google maps or make an emergency call.

If you have a loved one or patient that is prone to wandering, this device gives you peace of mind to know that you are able to locate them at any point in time. It’s ideal for those who may not live with or be able to accompany those they care for around the clock. The iHelp makes the perfect dementia tracking device for any dementia patients.

The iHelp is also great for worried parents sending off children for their first camping trip or hiking adventure with friends. The iHelp is an unobtrusive device which is easy and light to carry. It’s a camping trip essential for any new campers. Similarly the iHelp is highly successful as a hiking tracking device for anyone going on an independent or extended hike.

Another great feature of the iHelp is its fall detection technology. Any bumps or high impact vibrations are picked up by the iHelp which then gives a 10 second warning period to the wearer in which they are able to cancel the alert if false (for instance if it fell out their pocket). If the alert is not disabled then the iHelp will call the stored numbers in order of ranking, or will text all numbers with a link to the device’s location. Preferences can all be made directly on the iHelp app.

For more information on the iHelp and how it can help you please click the below link:

For more of our anti-wander alarms please click the below link: