How Can I Shower With A Wound Or Cast Dressing On

Friday, 6 December 2013  |  Paul

An issue that is not always foreseen when an injury such as a broken arm or legs strikes, bathing or showering can be a challenge for those in casts which need to be kept dry at all times. How do people address this problem?

Some resort to makeshift solutions of plastic bags and tape! Others just try and keep the limb out of the water, but unfortunately neither of these methods is effective and this can cause inconvenience – or worse a ruined cast or dressing!

Happily there is a properly designed solution to this problem that is simple, convenient and can dramatically improves ones quality of life and ensure that you can still enjoy the simple necessity of bathing or showering. The solution is the Limbo Waterproof Cast and Dressing Protector designed specifically to keep your cast dry when bathing or showering.

What are Limbo Castand Dressing Protectors?

The Limbo range of waterproof cast and dressing protectors are the most popular such items around to keep your injured limb and its dressing dry during the recovery phase.

For anybody who wishes to retain some kind of normality during what may be a difficult period of rehabilitation then a Limbo protector offers convenient help, peace of mind and is a must!

Limbo Cast and Dressing Protectors are designed for practically all eventualities, so whether you’ve broken your arm or leg, have a hand injury or an elbow dressing there is a Limbo protector to suit you!

How does a Limbo Castand Dressing Protector work?

The design of all Limbo protectors makes it as simple as possible to utilise the item and consists of a durable waterproof sac and an elastic rubber waterproof seal at the opening. The protector is simply pulled over the cast or dressing and sealed just above it. The seal is totally waterproof enabling you to bathe without fear of damaging your cast or dressing.

How to bathe orshower using a Limbo protector

It’s simple!

= Using the thumb and forefinger to hold the blackseal where it joins with the clear sac, insert the limb into the opening.

= Pull the Limbo up and over the cast, allowing the seal to turn inwards. Once fully over the cast or dressing, lower the Limbo a little and the seal will reverse, making it watertight. 

= Excess air can be removed from the Limbo Cast Protector inside to help prevent ‘ballooning’ and condensation. To do this simply pull open the seal slightly and squeeze out the air.

You are now free to bathe as normal. Whether you have a cast on a broken arm, leg or a dressing over a hand injury, the Limbo Waterproof Cast and Dressing Protector will keep it high and dry and ensure as little inconvenience as possible throughout the duration of the cast.