How can I ease my back pain?

2 CommentsWednesday, 12 September 2012  |  Paul

Anybody can suffer from back pain and it can range from a constant, dull ache to sharp, sudden pains which make it difficult to move around. Back pain can also be difficult to avoid as there are so many factors which increase the risk of developing back pain. Your job can be one of the reasons you develop back pain if it involves lifting or twisting as can poor physical fitness. Factors such as smoking, being overweight and age all can contribute to back pain so it is not surprising millions of people around the world are in search of ways to relieve their back pain.


If you’re back pain is severe or chronic, always visit your GP who may be able to recommend specific exercises or prescribe medication. There are ways however to try and ease your back ache yourself. One of the most common recommendations for treating back pain is to have an active lifestyle. Gentle activities such as walking and swimming can help as resting and lying down can sometimes make back ache worse. Strengthening exercises such as Yoga and Pilates can be very successful as they help to strengthen back muscles and improve joint strength. The Alexander Technique is also a widely regarded way to help relieve back pain. This technique is a way for people to move mindfully through their lives and get rid of harmful tension in the body.

Being overweight is one of the most common and many people who are overweight are not aware that the extra weight is contributing to their back ache. Fatigue common with being overweight can result in an avoidance of exercise, this can lead to back pain as the back muscles are weakened. Loosing excess weight and getting fitter are one of the most popular and effective ways to help relieve back pain. The use of hot or cold packs can help to ease the soreness of back pain and back ache but will not stop the pain permanently.

Back pain occurs in several different areas of the back including the lumbar region and upper back. Specialist back supports are available which support a specific area of the back and help to ease back ache. Lower back pain is extremely common and can be caused by a back injury, arthritis and pregnancy. The Neoprene Double Pull Lumbar Support helps to support the spine and is ideal for back muscle pain and disc pain. The Serola Sacroiliac Belt is designed for sacroiliac pain, pinched nerve, hip pain and maternity pain. The Serola Belt supports the unstable sacroiliac joints resulting in back pain relief.