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HotRox Handwarmers come to the rescue

Monday, 3 December 2012  |  Paul

Picture this, a bitterly cold winter’s day…in the Canadian Rockies…..on a rising ski lift…..with NO GLOVES!   Thankfully I was sharing the lift with some resident Canadians who were not stupid enough to find themselves in this situation, and hence I was introduced to the wonders that are hand warmers.  I suppose in those conditions, anything would have been beneficial, but these little hand warmers were great.  Shake them for a few seconds and they last for hours.  Sadly as a beginner skier, my hands were firmly gripped to my poles in desperation to try ski my way back to warmth in quickest way possible, but my pockets were lovely and warm when I reached the bottom. 

Since this fateful day, I have never looked back.  Whilst working on the ski resort, hand warmers became a staple of my life. I relied on these for warmth and comfort.  I’d even get them out for a brief walk to the shop.  My hands always seem to be cold so having them around the house was always a bonus.  But now, instead of having to throw away endless numbers of crusty old hand warmers every day, there’s a new product on the market which I am (pardon the pun) dying to get my hands on.

The Hotrox electronic hand warmers are a (pun time again) handy battery powered hand warmer, which heat up in 15 seconds and can be turned off when not in use.  The batteries can last up to six hours before being recharged and so will last for almost any activity. Whilst these are an essential item for those snow sports fans out there, you don’t have to be hitting the slopes to reap the benefits of this trusty gadget. Whether you like to take long walks, or have a work in a cold office, these HotRox hand warmers are for everyone.  The hand warmers have three settings, off, medium and hot, so they can be tailored to everyone’s tastes.  Personally, I love to be really warm, so there’s no doubt what option I’d be choosing.  

We’ve all noticed the days are getting colder, and Christmas is coming, so why not treat a loved one to the Hotrox hand warmer.  There are two options, one with a USB charger, and one wrapped up in neat box for Christmas which has a few extras.  The hand warmers are shiny and sleek and fit perfectly in your hand.  With a 10% saving when you buy two or more, there’s no need to have your hands fighting for warmth, they can both get a piece of the action.  Be it in gloves, pockets or just holding on the go, the Hotrox hand warmer is the perfect present this Christmas.