HotRox Hand Warmer

Monday, 23 September 2013  |  Paul

Most people are back from holiday now and getting back into the autumn/winter routine of school and work. I’m one of these people that absolutely hates winter and being cold, so I’ve already started to stock up on jumpers, slippers and anything I can get my hands on to keep warm.

I think the best thing I’ve come across on our website is the HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer With USB Charger. This handy little heater is ideal for use on the hands or wherever else you may need an extra hit of heat.

The HotRox Hand Warmer is perfect for anyone! See the list below of some of the activities I can think the USB Hand Warmer would be useful for:

·         Fishing

·         Walking

·         Playing Golf

·         Horse Riding

·         Walking to work

·         Commuting

·         Working outdoors

·         Working in a cold office

The HotRox would also make a great gift for someone as well, I’m sure I’m not the first person to bring up Christmas, but it always creeps up so quickly once the kids have gone back to school. So make sure you beat the rush and get in early with this ideal stocking filler!