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Home Workouts - How To Get Fit At Home

Tuesday, 24 March 2020  |  Paul

If you're reading this, you're probably considering working out at home. Maybe your gym has closed down and you're just trying to stay fit, or perhaps you're a beginner. It doesn't matter, because ultimately we all want answers to the same questions. Will home workouts help me lose weight? Can I gain muscle with home workouts?

The fact is, working out at home can be incredibly fulfilling and gain-inducing. It can help you lose weight, gain muscle, and stay fit and healthy. There are plenty of workouts you can do and lots more variations. In this blog we will look at some of the best workouts and some hot tips for maximising your results.

Before We Get Started...

It goes without saying that a yoga mat of some kind would be highly advantageous. Mats prevent friction burns and provide quality comfort for your back, your front and your bottom. Here at Health and Care, we stock a range of quality workout mats:

It also helps to keep things fresh - that means changing your gym clothes and your routine is imperative to keeping you hooked! Try new music, listen to a new podcast. If you're someone who finds exercise particularly painful, associate your workouts with something you enjoy. If you'd rather be reading a book, download an audiobook and listen to it while you get your pump on.

One More Thing...

To experience the full benefits of home workouts, dietary changes can go a long way in building muscle and toning your figure. 

  • If you're hoping to build muscle, you need to pack in lots of natural protein using whole foods and grains. Beans, lentils, eggs are excellent sources of protein. Supplement your bran flakes with some Greek yoghurt. Try and squeeze in some fish with your dinner.
  • If you're hoping to slim and tone, don't try and cut everything. Carbs have their place in any diet. A good rule of thumb is to basically eat everything closer to its natural state. That means plenty of vegetables, fruit, and brown rice. Anything you can strip back without the use of fatty preservatives and salts.

Best Iron Abs Burnout

To maximise the burn, it's good to try and chain these workouts together and repeat after a rest period of 3 minutes. As you get better, you can increase your reps (one complete motion of one exercise) and decrease your rest period.

  1. Bicycle sit ups (x 10): To do a basic bicycle crunch, lie flat on the floor and put your hands behind your head with your elbows sticking out to the sides. Raise your head and shoulders slightly off the floor as well. Alternate bringing each knee up to your chest and touching it with the opposite elbow, doing a cycling motion with your legs.
  2. Knee crunches (x 10): These focus on the same muscle group as other forms of sit-ups and crunches, but to perform them, you lie flat on your back and, instead of sitting up, bring your knees up towards your face.
  3. Planks (x 10): Lie on your front with your elbows resting on the floor in front of you. Stretch your legs out till they are parallel. This is the most common form of plank, a forearm plank which is held in a push-up-like position, with the body's weight borne on forearms, elbows, and toes.

Best Bodyweight Chest Workout

At home you're limited to the amount of body workouts you can do for your chest - but this doesn't mean these aren't useful. You can build some serious muscle tone and mass on your chest with variations of push-ups. As mentioned before, to maximise the burn, it's good to try and chain these workouts together and repeat after a rest period of 3 minutes. As you get better, you can increase your reps (one complete motion of one exercise) and decrease your rest period.

  1. Standard push-up (x 5): The correct setup for a standard push-up is to position your hands shoulder-width apart, or a little bit wider. As you bend your elbows and lower toward the ground, your elbows should be at about a 45-degree angle to your body. We recommend keeping your knees on the floor to start off with, so you can condition your body into the full range of movement.
  2. Diamond push-up (x 5): This is similar to a standard push-up, except you're building muscle in your inner chest. Place your hands in a diamond shape and repeat the full range of movement expected for a standard push-up.
  3. Elevated push-up (x 5): To build your shoulders and upper chest, you can now try some elevated push-ups. Place your feet on some higher ground, like a sofa or a chair. Complete the full range of movement expected for a standard push-up, lowering yourself to the ground and explosively pushing yourself up with your hands.

Best Legs and Bums Home Workout

You can get some seriously toned and muscly legs at home. There are a range of exercises that, when completed properly, can make you feel like you've climbed the biggest hill with a cow on your back. Moving swiftly on, here's some killer legs and bums workouts:

  1. Squat Jump (x 10): With your feet hip-width apart, squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor, and then jump as high as you can. Allow your knees to bend 45 degrees when you land, pause in deep squat position for one full second, and then jump again.
  2. Alternating Drop Lunge (x 10): Stand with your feet hip-width apart, hands on hips. Keep your chest and eyes up, shoulders squared. Cross your right leg behind your left, and bend both knees, lowering your body until your left thigh is nearly parallel to the floor. Return to start and repeat, switching sides.
  3. Wall Sit (x 10): Stand leaning against the wall. Slowly bend your legs till you are in a sitting position, but are still elevated off the ground. Try and hold this for a minute.

Our Best Home Gym Equipment

Now you're ready to get started, why not check out some of our best home gym equipment? We've selected a few products we think will slide in nicely with this routine. 

Best Kettlebells for Home Workouts

Fitness-Mad Kettlebell

Fitness-Mad KettlebellThe Fitness-Mad Kettlebell is a useful addition to your squats and lunges. Featuring an oversized powder-coated handle that provides excellent grip while allowing for full and fluid motion, the kettlebell allows for dynamic full-body movements to be performed, leading to improvements in strength, endurance, agility and balance. 

Key Features: Heavy-duty vinyl skin, oversized powder-coated handle, full fluid motion, strength exercise.

Best Dumbbells For Home Workouts

Fitness-Mad Neoprene Dumbbells

Putnams Memory Foam Bed Wedge for Acid Reflux and GERDIf you prefer a pair of weight trainers, try the Fitness-Mad Neoprene Dumbbells. Featuring a neoprene coating for a soft, reliable grip, these dumbbells are also designed with flat edges so they do not roll away on the floor. You can combine these dumbells with practically all the workouts we have shown you!

Key Features: Neoprene coating for soft, reliable grip, flat edges for no roll, strength, endurance, agility.

For more information, please visit our Exercise Equipment & Apparatus and Fitness Accessories categories. If you want something specifically orientated towards working out at home, try our Fitness at Home category.

What is your home gym set up? Let us know in the comments below or via our Facebook or Twitter!

Tags: Fitness, Exercise, Sports Equipment