Home Fitness Equipment for Under £50 – Top 5

Sunday, 1 December 2013  |  Paul

Sometimes it can be a real pain to get to the gym. I find the to and from journey just makes the whole routine unnecessarily longer and also eats into your training time. The cold, dark nights also gives us brits an easy accuse not to go and just stay at home.

Well staying in at home is fine as there’s so many compactproducts you can use in your lounge or bedroom without taking up too much spacelike traditional home gyms. See our top 5 home fitness products, which won’tbreak the bank or look like the elephant in the room!

1. TriggerPoint The Grid Foam Roller – Great for increasing blood flood to your muscles for an all over body work out which also aids recovery.

2. Fitness Mad Adjustable weighted Skipping Rope – The ultimate tool for an aerobic workout. The handles have removable weights so you can change and intensify your workout as and when you need to.

3. Aerobic Stepper – The aerobic stepper is great value for money and is compact enough to fit underneath a bed or sofa. This saves you using and wearing out the carpet on your stairs!

4. Dyna-Band – I’m a big fan of the Dyna Band resistance band, have a look on YouTube at all the weird and wonderful exercises you can do, and it’s so small you can throw it in a draw

5. BalanaceDisk – With this small wobble board you can get all the benefits from a swiss ball without having to blow it up everytime or have a massive rubber ball hanging around your home. Lunges and press ups off of this will make each repetition harder and therefore more worthwhile.