Health and Care's New Catalogue

Tuesday, 27 August 2013  |  Paul

One of the enquiries that we get over the phone is do you have a paper catalogue? This is something until very recently we have had to say no to. However some of the Health and Care team have been working hard on producing our first paper catalogue which focuses on products which are designed to make everyday life easier (Aids for daily living). I have to say I enjoy looking through catalogues and our new Aids for Daily living does not disappoint. It has over 900 items inside which show items which make life easier especially around the home and for when you’re out and about. The enquiries that we have at Health and Care are so wide ranging as we deal with everyone from the normal customer to the NHS, Governments to charities.

I especially enjoy the enquires where people have found products that I have not heard of but I realise it’s a great idea. The simple things even like a knork or a one handed tin opener which actually works which makes life so much easier. But don’t forget while you’re looking on the site at our 25,000 products if you don’t quite see what you’re looking for contact our Customer Care team and we will be happy to help.