Health and Care’s iPhone Accessories

Wednesday, 3 July 2013  |  Paul

Like many people, I literally couldn’t live without my iPhone. I sometimes think how did I ever get by without it? The best feature for me has got to be the Google Maps, I use it on a daily basis and is especially handy in London. Even though I’ve been living here for 6 years I still can’t remember all the little back routes and short cuts, which is most definitely needed for a busy Saturday on Oxford Street. My Fitness Pal App is also great for recording your diet and exercise, you can just scan the bar code on a packet and it tells you how many calories it’s got. Anyway, that’s two of my favourite Apps on the iPhone.

Here at Health and Care we’re always up to date with the latest technology and this week I’ve added the Welch Allyn iExaminer Adapter for Panoptic Ophthalmoscope to the site. This nifty little device can be used by Opticians with their iPhone 4’sor 4S’s and Panoptic Ophthalmoscope to capture and save images from inside the eye. A Ophthalmoscope is an instrument for looking inside the eye and retina, which allows physicians to detect and investigate many eye complaints, such as glaucoma, tumours and detached retinas. With the iExaminer Adapter a specialist can simply take, save, email and print images using the free App. This also allows you store up to 10 patient files, or more if you invest in the ProVersion. How amazing is that?

We also have the Geemarc iCreation i450 which is a bit less technical than the iExaminer but extremely useful for anyone with an iPhone. The iCreation is designed to reduce the time you spend on the phone, with it actually to your ear. The iCreation Cradle means you can simply put down your iPhone into the docking station (which also charges your phone) and speak normally on the cordless handset, which dramatically reduces your exposure to harmful radiation. I think the design isp retty cool too!

For those who are hard of hearing; like to keep their phone on vibrate or generally just leave their iPhone lying around, often in a different room, we have the Geemarc Shake Me App Portable Shaker. This one is attached directly onto the phone and can detect any vibration or sound, this will then trigger an extra loud ringer, shaker and light all together if needed. This Geemarc Shake Me will make sure you never miss a call!

These are the few of iPhone attachments and Accessories we have on the site at the moment, but I’m sure there will be plenty more to come. What’s your favourite iPhone App or Accessory, is there anything you think Health and Care need to know about?