Health and Care explains how the Mem-X Voice Reminder works

1 CommentWednesday, 3 June 2009  |  Paul

Are you or someone you know suffering from memory loss? Do you find that you can't even remember to take tablets or where you put your keys? The Mem-X Voice Reminder is designed to help you and anyone suffering from memory loss and all forms dementia including Alzheimer’s.

The Mem-X Voice Reminder is a voice memory aid is designed for those with some memory loss. Voice messages are recorded on the Mem-X Voice Reminder to act as prompts throughout the day. For example, if you need to take a tablet four times a day, the Mem-X Voice Reminder will sound with a pre-recorded voice message at the four precise times as programmed by the user. The Mem-X Voice Reminder may say "It’s 8am, remember to take your tablet now" or " The taxi is due at 6pm".

Ideal for those suffering from all forms of dementia including Alzheimer’s, the Mem-x Voice Reminder can be programmed a week in advance with messages up to 10 seconds in length. Up to 90 messages can be stored on the Mem-X Voice Reminder so every kind of message can be stored. Possible messages for the Mem-X Voice Reminder are: "the house key is by the TV", " remember Sarah's Birthday is today", " it is 9am, and it is time to take your medicine"

The Mem-X Voice Reminder can be set with daily, weekly or one off messages and is the ideal memory aid for sufferers of memory loss to still lead a normal, independent life. Before each pre-recorded message is played, an alarm sounds so the user knows that a message is about to be played. The user then presses the big blue button on the Mem-X Voice reminder device to hear the pre-recorded message.

Dementia causes a gradual loss of memory and other mental abilities. Dementia can affect all or one of these abilities such as thinking, reasoning and remembering. More common with old age, dementia can lead to confusion, depression and changes in personality, mood and behaviour. The Mem-X Voice reminder can help to remove the confusion by constantly reminding the user to do something.

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia and is most common with people over the age of 65. People suffering from Alzheimer’s lose mental abilities such as memory and reasoning. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease and will continue to get worse as the disease develops. At the moment there is no cure for Alzheimer’s however the Mem-X Voice Reminder can help sufferers of the disease and make their lives that little bit easier.

The Mem-X Voice Reminder is available from Health and for only £107.49. Health and Care specialise in Mobility Products and Family Health.