Thursday, 30 May 2013  |  Paul

Whilst browsing the Health and Care website for blog inspiration, I came across the Bionette Hay Fever Treatment device.  Now, I never used to get hay fever, and was always a sympathetic bystander to others uncomfortable symptoms, often thankful that I didn’t suffer myself.  But that was until this summer.  Or should I say ‘summer’.  The past few weeks though, I’ve developed sore eyes and an unnaturally sneezy nature.  I’ve therefore diagnosed myself with hay fever, and as with my other hypochondriacal tendencies, I decided to read up about my new disease and how to help myself. 

Looking at the product page, I discovered Bionette uses light therapy to ease the symptoms of hay fever, but the scientist in me wanted to find out, how exactly does this help?  Upon further investigation, I found that the company making Bionette, SyroLight, has a whole range of products based on this revolutionary red light treatment.   Without getting into the scientific nitty gritty, the red light acts as a means to accelerate the cells natural processes and therefore promote cell activity, i.e recovery after an allergic reaction in the case of Bionette.  After elucidating this, it all got a bit more complicated, so I decided to move on to other products which are based on the same technology.  The Biostick uses light therapy to speed up the process of cold sore healing, so the appearance and symptoms can improve dramatically in just 24 hours.

 It’s amazing that just a simple dose of light can have such a huge effect on our health.  They say a few minutes under a sun bed every so often can improve your skin.  Just imagine how healthy we would all be in the sun just came out for once!