Having trouble getting out of your car? Try the new Handy Bar from Health and Care

Sunday, 14 June 2009  |  Paul

New to Health and Care is the Handy Bar, a truly indispensable aid to help anyone who has difficulty getting in and out of their car. The Handy Bar has a soft grip, non-slip handle which provides added comfort and safety when travelling or transferring in and out of a car.

The Handy Bar is a simple and effective way of getting in and out of low and high vehicles easily. The bar is inserted into the striker (the metal hook on the inside of a car door) to form a firm and sturdy handle. The Handy Bar can be used on either the front or back door of almost any car.

Its strong forged steel shaft creates a solid support handle bar where it is needed. The Handy Bar is suitable for most vehicles and even has a built-in seat belt cutter and glass breaker for emergencies.
Many people, may be put off from travelling alone in a car because of the fear they will struggle to get out of the car and worry about injuring themselves.

The Handy Bar is an ideal solution for the elderly and those with physical difficulties. A regular driver who is used to their independence but are recovering from surgery or a serious injury will find the Handy Bar a great way to help getting back into the car.

Expectant mothers will also benefit from the Handy Bar in aiding them transferring in and out of their car during their pregnancy. Those who regularly travel in Lorries, vans and 4x4 vehicles will also find the Handy Bar beneficial in simply making their lives that little bit easier.

The Handy Bar is available to buy online at Health and Care.co.uk for £29.99 including free postage and packaging.