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Have Some Sense This Summer with AlcoSense Breathalysers

2 CommentsMonday, 27 March 2017  |  Paul

As we gear up for the summer, many of us will be looking forward to our holidays. One of the most popular and timeless destinations for British holidaymakers is still Europe, and one of the most exciting ways of travelling there is by road. So whether you're planning a short city break, or a full-blown continental road trip, it's important that you prepare properly for the different rules and regulations you will be expected to follow.

Driving in France

Most trips to Europe by road involve at least some driving in France, so whether you're staying to experience France's vibrant metropolitan areas or picturesque Riviera, or simply passing on through, it pays (literally) to acquaint yourself with the laws.

In July 2012, the French authorities announced that drivers must carry a breathalyser with them at all times. Failure to observe this law can result in a fine.

AlcoSense NF Single Use Breathalyser for France

The best way to protect yourself, your travelling companions and your wallet is with the AlcoSense NF Single Use Breathalyser for France. Marked with the official NF certification logo, this product has been designed to meet and exceed NF standards, so you can have absolute peace of mind. The AlcoSense NF Single Use Breathalyser for France is so reliable, in fact, that it is used by the French police themselves.

As well as covering you under French law, the AlcoSense NF Single Use Breathalyser can be used as a great 'morning after' solution (see below). Helpfully supplied in a twin pack, this means you can test your residual alcohol levels following a night of drinking whilst still keeping one breathalyser in reserve to cover you on the road.

Please note that single-use breathalysers only last for a certain period of time, so if you bought one for a trip last year and didn't use it, make sure to check it is still in date before relying on it.

The Morning After Solution

Many people aren't aware that almost 1 in 5 drink driving accidents don't occur on the night of drinking, but instead on the following morning. If you drank 4 pints of beer, or 4 glasses of wine, it could take as long as 14 hours for the alcohol to leave your system. For example, if you stopped drinking at 11pm, you could still be over the limit by 11am the following morning. Since you can't tell if you're over the limit, AlcoSense Breathalysers do it for you.

AlcoSense Elite Digital Alcohol Breathalyser

For a great reusable digital breathalyser that can act as a morning after solution time after time, check out the AlcoSense Elite Digital Alcohol Breathalyser. Because this product isn't NF certified, it can't be used to comply with French law. However, since it can be set to any UK or European drinking limit, it can reliably be used as a morning after test on your travels, or just for everyday use at home.

The AlcoSense Elite Digital Alcohol Breathalyser is designed for long term use, being able to be recalibrated and reused over years, and so it's a worthy investment in your safety and that of others.

Stay Safe and Sensible

An alcohol breathalyser can never entirely protect you from the dangers of reckless and rash actions on the road – particularly those of others. However, it can certainly go a long way to keeping you on the straight and narrow when it comes to road safety, and can help you comply with the laws that are in place.

To see our full range of alcohol breathalysers, please click here.