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Get Ready for Halloween: Best Macabre Walking Canes

Friday, 6 October 2017

October 31st is just around the corner, and you know what that means! It's time to dress up and have some fun on the spookiest night of the year.

If you're attending a party and don't know how to spice up your appearance, we have some great suggestions for you. Our Macabre Canes feature the ever-popular symbol of death: a realistically crafted skull in place of the handle.

Macabre Canes

Macabre refers to the quality of having a particularly ghastly atmosphere, most often achieved with using well-known symbols of death. Our Macabre Canes deliver just the right balance of frightening and classy, making them the perfect accessory for this year's Halloween party.

Comfortable Handle and Robust Shaft

Our Halloween canes with skull-shaped handles are not only eye-catching and perfectly suited for this time of the year, but highly functional as walking sticks as well. In spite of their spooky shape, the handles are actually perfectly comfortable to hold and use, with their basic shape resembling classic knob handles. The black shafts are made from high-quality wood, making sure the canes are durable, resilient and highly reliable.

Imitation Ivory Skull Cane

Imitation Ivory Skull Cane

Made from resin and painted an imitation ivory colour, this highly realistic skull handle is right up your alley if you've been looking for a perfect skull replica, carved to perfection. The Imitation Ivory Skull Cane features a detailed skull handle, mounted on a black beech wood shaft that has been fitted with a practical yet discreet black rubber ferrule.

Gold Coloured Skull Cane

Gold Coloured Skull Cane

While still a detailed miniature replica of an actual skull, the Gold Coloured Skull Cane comes with an attractive golden shine. The realistic skull handle is mounted on a black shaft, fitted with a highly functional yet practically invisible rubber ferrule. The intriguing black-gold contrast is bound to make you stand out at any Halloween party.

Silver-Plated Skull Cane

Silver Plated Skull cane

Silver-plated and beautifully detailed, with suitably sinister eyes, extremely realistic nasal sockets and a full set of teeth, the Silver-Plated Skull Cane takes the style of macabre canes to a whole new level. The skull handle is mounted on a black hardwood shaft, fitted with a chrome ferrule that further contributes to the classy overall appearance of this walking stick.

Skull Canes on Health and Care

To see our full range of Skull Canes, click here. All walking sticks are suitable for light support and balance, while featuring attractive skull handles.

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