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Halloween at Health and Care

Friday, 25 October 2013  |  Paul

Halloween is fast approaching and for anyone who loves thisspooky holiday we have plenty of products you may be interested in. Fromprecision anatomical models with all the intricate details to macabre gifts andeven real animal skeletons there is plenty to creep you out hiding in the nooksand crannies of the Medical Supplies category!

Our top selling Stan the skeleton is an anatomically correctmodel with moving limbs and realistic bones. He is one of the most popularselling model skeletons in the world and comes highly recommended for medicalstudents and teachers. However we have also had customers purchase Stan theskeleton in order to play jokes on their friends and family! One man eventucked Stan into his bed one night to scare his wife.

Here are some of our top creepy products:

Something that was once alive

Rat Skull RattusRattus £85.99
A real rat’s skull! A great way to study small animal anatomy or alternativelya great trinket to creep someone out with.

Something to make your skin crawl

Castor-Bean TickIxodes Ricinus £29.99
A scale model of a skin burrowing tick with accurate detailing includingfeelers and 8 segmented legs!

Something for your wall

Image Plastic SurgeryFemale £691.99
A disembodied female head in a frame. This artist’s surreal representationof plastic facial surgery is complete with tiny men wielding scalpels onscaffolding. Creepy!

Something educational

Trauma Moulage Kit£641.99
A collection of body parts, some even bleed fake blood! Educate yourself onhow to treat wounds from burns and lacerations to full impalements. Completewith protruding intestines!

At Health and Care we stock a vast range of education andprofessional medical supplies. Although these items can be morbidly fascinatingthey are also for professional medical training. Visit Health and Care tobrowse both our novelty and professional ranges of anatomical products, allavailable with free UK delivery.