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Great range of Bath Lifts available now from Health and Care

Monday, 6 December 2010  |  Paul

Health and Care are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of Bath Lifts, Bath Seats and Shower Stools available to purchase online at a price to suit any budget. Bathing aids such as a Bath Lift can be a life changer and makes bathing far easier and more enjoyable. Many people who are elderly or have difficulty getting in and out of the bath find that a bathlift gives them back their independence and flexibility to have a bath when they choose.

An excellent value reclining bath lift available from Health and Care is the Minivator Bliss Bath Lift. The Minivator Bliss Bathlift comes ready to place in the bath and requires minimum assembly. The Minivator Bath Lift is easy to operate and easy to clean making it an excellent choice for the elderly and the vulnerable who live on their own. This bath lift reclines fully in the bath so the user can enjoy a full bath as they would without the Minivator.

The Aquila Bathlift is currently on special offer from Health and Care with staggering £200 off the recommended retail price. The Aquila Bath Lift provides the user with fantastic support and comfort enabling the user to bathe with ease. Although the Aquila bath seat is strong and robust it is also very light. The Aquila Bath Lift is very easy to clean and will fit most baths. The Aquila Bath Lift from Health and Care also comes with a higher than average back rest which increase shoulder and neck support.

For people who do not require a reclining bath lift or if they have quite a small bath then the Neptune Bathlift is the one to choose. The Neptune Bath Lift is a non-reclining bath lift and is always recommended by healthcare professionals as one the best bath seats available on the market today. As the Neptune Bath Seat is a non-reclining bath lift it requires less moving parts than other bath seats and is very easy to use. The Neptune bath chair sits at one end of the bath resulting in impressive legroom for the user to be able to stretch their legs. The Neptune Bath Seats unique design means that it will fit almost any bath.

The Aquajoy Premier Plus Bath Lift is an excellent bath lift that has some great accessories available as an additional purchase making it suitable for almost any user. It is these accessories that can be purchased with the Aquajoy Bath Lift that make it the bath lift of choice for home use, care homes and also for people with disabilities. This bath chair from Aquajoy fits into almost any bath and requires no assembly so the user does not have to modify their bathroom to accommodate the Aquajoy Premier Plus Bath Lift. Among the accessories that can be purchased with the Aquajoy Premier Plus are a swivel and slide seat and a chest/lap harness.

All of the bath lifts and bathing aids available from Health and Care are designed to be as easy to use as possible. Health and Care are pleased to offer a range of bath lifts suitable for most baths including non-reclining bath lifts suitable for small and corner baths. All of the bath lifts described above can be purchased from Health and