Great Gifts for Christmas 2018: Harley Bed Relaxer Bed Wedge Support Cushion

Monday, 9 October 2017  |  John

It’s always difficult to find someone the right Christmas present. Everyone has different tastes, and wants something different. This year, why not give someone the gift of comfort with the Harley Bed Relaxer?

There’s a ton of reasons why the Harley Bed Relaxer makes a great gift. It’s exceptionally comfortable, gives fantastic support to your back while sitting up in bed, and can even help stop snoring – a bonus that may be more beneficial to you than your partner!

Comfortably Sit Up in Bed

The design of the Harley Bed Relaxer makes it great for sitting up in bed. The triangular wedge shape provides support and comfort to the back – ideal for anyone who likes to read or watch TV in bed before sleep.

The Harley Bed Relaxer Provides Great Support & Comfort
The Harley Bed Relaxer provides great support and comfort while reading in bed

Supportive Foam Construction

Alongside the versatile design, the Bed Relaxer is also highly supportive for both leaning on and sleeping on. The polyurethane foam construction feels great to lean back against, and is definitely more comfortable than a headboard or wall!

Easier Sleep

As well as making a great backrest pillow, the Harley Bed Relaxer is also fantastic for sleeping on. By elevating the head, it helps to open the airway. While this facilitates more consistent sleep, leaving the user ready to face the day relaxed and refreshed, the potentially bigger benefit to you is that it can even help to prevent snoring – ideal if your partner is a snorer!

Sleeping Wedge Pillows Can Relax Airways And Reduce Snoring
Sleeping wedge pillows can relax airways and reduce snoring

While great at keeping airways open during sleep, the wedge pillow also helps to reduce the strain on side sleepers’ shoulders. It’s perfect for anyone you know who sleeps on their side and wakes up with sore shoulders.

Versatile Support

The Bed Relaxer isn’t just great for sleeping on or leaning against though. Its versatile design means that it can also be used raise legs while you sleep – fantastic for anyone who finds that their leg muscles and feet are sore and aching after a long day – while also helping you sleep comfortably.

Not Just for the Bed

While the Bed Relaxer is great on a bed, it’s also great for chairs. It provides extra support and cushioning to backs – perfect for anyone who finds that chairs aren’t as supportive as they need them to be. 

Soft Fleece and Velour Cover

To help ensure comfort even more, the Bed Relaxer includes a soft cover made from a polyester fleece and velour blend. This feels great against skin, making it easier for your loved one to sleep without having to worry about irritation. To help extend the pillow’s lifespan, the cover can easily be washed in a washing machine.

Buy the Harley Bed Relaxer from Health and Care

Interested in buying the Harley Bed Relaxer as a gift? It’s available right here at Health and Care with FREE UK Delivery. It’s a great gift for anyone in your life who wants a little more comfort as they sleep, supporting them and making sleep easier.

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