Great Gift for Grandad

Friday, 14 December 2012  |  Paul

Working at Health and Care, I often find myself saying, ‘We have something for that on our website.’  Whether it’s a cast protector for a newly injured friend, or ball of foot cushions for a family member suffering in their new party shoes, we seem to have it all at Health and Care, (although sadly we can’t help in a friends quest for a Victorian style crutch for Tiny Tim fancy dress.) 

One case in particular happened when visiting my Granddad last weekend.  As he has gotten older, my Granddad has become harder of hearing, and this was especially apparent when it came to watching TV.  Whilst I was struggling to accustom my ears to the blaring noise, my Grandad was asking whether we could ‘turn it up a little’, which got me thinking about the products we have on our website that could lend a helping hand.

The Wireless TV listeners that we sell would be a great product for my Granddad.  The Geemarc Wireless TV Listener is extremely simple to use, just plug the base unit into the TV and this transmits the sound to a headset which can be worn all around the house.  The two items are completely wireless, making it a hassle free and highly useful product, which can hopefully put arguments over the volume to an end.