Going out for a run?

Saturday, 20 July 2013  |  Paul

Going out for a run? make sure to keep hydrated.

I see so many people out running along the banks of theThames some look as if they could run for miles, others look like they areabout to explode.

Regardless of your general level of fitness, one importantthing when out running; especially in this weather is to keep yourselfhydrated!

Whenever you have that thirsty feeling in your mouth, youare dehydrated. I have experienced lots of different levels of dehydrationranging from a dry mouth to a four day music festival drinking nothing butalcohol in the Spanish sunshine at the beginning of July. Whichever stage it isnot a nice or comfortable feeling.

When going out for a run take a water bottle with you as itwill help you get the most out of your run. The FitnessMad Runner’s Bottle 500ml is absolutely ideal with its easy to hold,ergonomic handle. It is even kind on the environment as it is made usingrecyclable PE plastic.

No matter the weather conditions, take on enough water tomake you run enjoyable.