Getting old

Thursday, 13 June 2013  |  Paul

Getting to be an old person must be a bothersome businessmustn’t it. I often look at some of them and think, ‘my god if I were you Iwould jump off a bridge tomorrow.’ They are lovely though old people in generalaren’t they. Even as they suffer awful pain and difficulty in doing thesimplest tasks, they still jump at the chance to shower some attention on youand get the teacakes out. It’s probably the only thing that keeps them going.

- However, I think there may be another thing keeping theelderly going longer than ever before..

It’s the simply vast and mind-blowing array of handy aids onthe market these days! Take the ‘Good Grips Button Hook’ for instance. This issomething nobody would ever dream of needing – until they get old that is and grippingthose buttons and pulling them through that hole with clumsy fingers is far toomuch hassle. In fact there are so many dressing aids, moving aids as well ashearing aids that if you have difficulty in doing absolutely anything at all, Iguarantee there is a product out there for you.
Problems getting your stockings on? Well you’re in luck since there arenumerous contraptions out there to help you get them on with ease! Keep losingyour disabled badge and timing wheel? There’s a special wallet out there foryou!

It’s a fascinating world of ingenious and innovative ideasisn’t it? And in the space of 200 words I am transformed. I quite fancy gettingold.