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Get to Know the Lisa Alert System for the Hard of Hearing

Friday, 1 July 2016  |  John

Hearing impairment can make home life incredibly difficult. Not being able to properly hear what’s going on around you is frustrating at best. At worst, it’s impossibly dangerous.

A fantastic home alert solution for the hard of hearing, the Lisa Alert System provides the hard of hearing with the tools they need to keep tabs on everything going on in their home.

Transmitters and Receivers

The two core pieces of the Lisa system are the transmitters and the receivers. The transmitters detect activity or events in the home and transmit a signal to the receiver, which uses loud sound, light or vibrations to notify the user as to what has happened.

Events fall into six categories: Fire, Water, Baby, Telephone, Person Call and Doorbell. Up to eight transmitters can be assigned to any one event, enabling you to cover a wide variety of events in your home.

Helpfully, it’s easy to tell which product is a transmitter and which is a receiver – transmitters feature TX in their name and receivers feature RX in their name – so there’s no confusion over which is which.

Detect a Wide Range of Events

The Lisa system features a huge number of transmitters designed to detect a massive variety of events in your home. The Lisa Alert System TX Telephone Direct Transmitter will connect to a BT phone line and detect incoming calls, alerting all receivers in range. 

On the other hand, the Lisa Alert System TX IR Motion Detector Transmitter features an infrared motion sensor to detect people and animals moving, alerting Lisa receivers when it does. This is fantastic for keeping an eye on elderly relatives under your care who shouldn’t get out of bed or wander around without help.

Different Receivers for Different Needs

It’s not just the transmitters which the Lisa system has a lot of; there’s also a huge range of receivers designed to fulfil a huge range of needs. The Lisa Pager Alert System RX Personal Pager Receiver is a small, portable and pocket-sized receiver, designed to be carried around the house easily and uses vibrations to alert the user.

Or, there’s the Lisa Alert System RX Table Flash Receiver, which is designed to be stationary and uses an easily visible bright light to alert – ideal for sedentary users who have limited mobility.

There's even a selection of receivers with alarm clocks built-in, making life even easier for the hard of hearing.

Expandable, Modular System

One of the great advantages of the Lisa alert system is that it’s modular. This means that you only need to get what you need – nothing more, nothing less. This ensures that you get the system that’s perfect for you.

And if you ever need to expand your system to detect more events, just get the transmitter that you need. This ensures that the system will last as long as needed, no matter the change in circumstance.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the Lisa alert range, head on over to Health and Care and check out our full selection of Lisa Alert System products.