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Wednesday, 30 January 2013  | 

If your New Year’s resolution was to get fit, active and healthy in 2013 and you are still sticking to it well done! A month or so into your new healthy start you might start to become bored of your gym routine or you may begin to struggle to make your work out challenging enough to continue seeing stready results. To keep you motivated and to get the best results from exercise is it important to challenge yourself and vary your routines. This way you will continue to see results and are more likely to stick to your goals and reach them.

Most gyms offer opportunities to work with personal trainers, making regular appointments with them and updating them on your progress will enable you to make the most of their good advice and will also keep you visiting the gym regularly to obtain your fitness goals. If you don’t have the facility for a personal trainer at your gym or you work out at home there are plenty of handy smart phone apps that can create a routine tailored to your needs. Keeping a diary of your training progress and goals could help you to keep your motivation up and allow you to visually track your progress to health success.

At Health and Care we have a great range of fitness products and equipment that can make your work out more challenging. For example the Reebok Speed Resistor is a great tool to use with a personal trainer to harness the benefits of resistance helping you develop your strength and agility. Alternatively for those without a personal trainer you can reap similar resistance benefits from the Reebok Lateral Speed Resistor to develop leg muscles and strength. We also retail a range of Reebok fitness DVDs to help you get the best of your at home exercise including some great core training techniques to work one of the most important areas of the body. If you’re a swimmer the Aquajogger range or the Aqua Power Swim Ankle and Wrist Weights will add a new dimension to your swimming sessions. Adding weights to your limbs and abdomen significantly increases water resistance and makes swimming harder developing your stamina and strength.

You can shop the Aquajogger, Aqua Power and Reebok fitness equipment now at with free delivery. Don’t forget to check out our whole fitness range where you will find a great variety of products including extensive yoga, pilates and weight training ranges.

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