Get Smart with the iHealth Gluco-Smart App

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The treatment and monitoring of diabetes has grown more and more sophisticated over the past decades, but few technologies have been able to advance these processes in a truly intuitive way. Fitness apps have become increasingly popular, so it was only a matter of time before the same attention was paid to diabetes. That's where iHealth comes in. In an attempt to revolutionise the way diabetics track and monitor their blood-glucose, they've developed the Gluco-Smart app, which connects directly to iHealth's family of glucose monitors. Together with these devices, the app can display relevant information in the form of easy to read charts and graphs, and also allows patients to send results instantly to their doctors for further analyses.

Freedom and Accuracy

With these new technologies from iHealth, sufferers of diabetes can free themselves from burdensome kits in favour of a simple, sleekly designed meter and smartphone. Gone are the days where diabetics must manually record their measurements in a logbook, as the Gluco-Smart app features automatic logging to speed up the process and eliminate any possible human error. Once the data is logged, you can consult graphs of your weekly and monthly averages, keeping you up to date with any developing trends in your condition.

Automatic Logging

Wherever you are, you can update your logbook with comprehensive information on measurements, dates, meals, carbohydrates, physical activity, medication and voice memos, and share this data instantly with your medical professional. This means that diabetics will experience unrivalled control over their condition, putting them in the driver's seat like never before. Gluco-Smart not only stores your information, but provides peace of mind with instant notifications, letting you know when it's time to take your insulin, or any other medication you may have programmed into the app. So keep up to date with your condition, and break free from the traditional barriers and worries of diabetes, with iHealth and the Gluco-Smart app.

iHealth Glucometers: Convenient, Sleek and Accurate

iHealth strives to create products that surpass the limits of traditional glucose monitors, so naturally, they aren't like the meters you're used to seeing. These products were designed to be sleek, discreet and user-friendly, seamlessly integrating in the modern world to fit our lifestyles. By making the smartphone the cornerstone of these devices, iHealth has simultaneously reduced bulk, minimised size and facilitated operation, all at no extra cost to the user. After years of painstaking research and development, iHealth created both the Gluco and Align, each with their own unique benefits and strengths, and both bringing diabetic self-monitoring in line with the new era of technology.

The iHealth Gluco Connected Smart Glucometer

The first of the iHealth glucometers is the Gluco. This sleek, stylishly designed meter has been made to make the glucose-monitoring process as simple and efficient as possible. Storing up to 500 measurements at a time, this meter is able to log its results on to the Gluco-Smart app, and also carries the added benefit of displaying the results instantly on its built-in screen for immediate updates. The lightweight, compact design of this meter sets it apart from the competition, and also comes with a handy carrying case for safe, efficient storage. For situations where the user needs to store results for long periods of time before having access to a smartphone or tablet, this unique glucometer is a perfect solution, with plenty of memory to provide nearly limitless storage.

See the iHealth Gluco in Action

The iHealth Align Connected Mini-Glucometer

iHealth's second glucometer is the Align, which is the smallest and lightest glucometer on the market. Taking portability and convenience to a new level, iHealth eliminated the bulky body and cumbersome operation of traditional glucose meters by connecting this meter to a smartphone directly through the 3mm jack. This allows the Align to display results directly on the screen of a smartphone, removing the need for a built-in screen on the device itself. Only slightly larger than the circumference of a 10p coin, this astonishingly compact meter makes it easier than ever for diabetics to discreetly measure their blood-glucose levels from literally anywhere, with automatic logging to the Gluco-Smart app. As an added touch, this meter comes with four covers of different colours, protecting the device while adding an extra element of style and customisation.

See the iHealth Align in Action

Whichever of these two glucometers you choose, the iHealth Gluco-Smart will have you covered at every turn. It will store your data for when you need it, while organising everything from your measurement history to your medication intervals on a day-to-day basis. Without a doubt, after the creation of these revolutionary new glucometers, iHealth has well and truly stamped their name at the forefront of modern advances in diabetic self-monitoring, making the process more streamlined and convenient than ever before. Both of these outstanding devices are available now from Health and Care, along with their accessories like lancets, test strips and lancing pens. Buy today from Health and Care, with free UK delivery on all orders.

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