Get in with the cool kids - Get a skateboard

32 CommentsThursday, 6 December 2012  |  Paul

As a teenager, we all try to create ourselves an image to fit in to particular groups and be as ‘cool’ as possible.  When I was younger, whilst failing miserably, I really wanted to be a cool skater girl, á la Avril Lavigne.  I would like to say I have grown out of this phase but, alas, I still think skaters are cool and wish I could be part of the gang.  Living in a ski town, full of snow freaks didn’t help.  When they weren’t on the slopes they were seeking thrills elsewhere, be it surfing the waves or cruising the streets on a skateboard.  So after two winter seasons in this town, I had the get-up and I could probably pass as a semi-cool snowboarder, but I still didn’t have the bravery to take to a skateboard.  Other than playing on my brother’s skateboard when I was about 7, it seems that putting wheels on a board and I am all over the place.  In fact, after failing my driving test three times, I think that anything with four wheels is too much of a challenge for me.

However, whilst not being able to walk the walk, I am now a lot better at talking the talk, thanks to the new skateboards and longboards I’ve been adding.  After doing my research I think I have a bit more of the lingo down to impress my skating buddies, and I’ve enjoyed finding out about what these boards can do.  Of all the longboards that I have added recently, the one that has caught my eye in particular is the Osprey 74 cm Street Carve Board.  This is no ordinary skateboard.  The front truck of the board moves and has adjustable tension, so that you use your front foot to move the board.  This motion is supposed to mimic the action of surfing and is definitely aimed at the extreme sports lovers out there.  Whilst enjoying tremendously the few times I’ve attempted to surf, I think the sea waves are a little more forgiving then the hard floor of concrete.  So whilst I like the look of this longboard, I think I’d rather watch it, and other skateboards, in action from a safe distance.