Get Fighting Fit this Winter with the Reebok Kombat Range

Friday, 16 November 2012  | 

New at Health and Care this week is the Reebok Kombat Range of funky brightly coloured boxing and combat training equipment to freshen up your home, gym or studio fitness routine. The Reebok Kombat range offers a variety of different punch bags for all situations including the space saving Reebok Freestanding Technique Bag. This bag provides a solution where a punch bag is not able to be attached to a wall for either structural or space reasons. For a full-on combat training session the Reebok Leather Punch Bags are high quality and durable, available in 2 different weights to suit your individual fitness goals. Alternatively the Reebok Thai Bag is ideal for Thai boxing or Muay Thai training, the long slim shape of the bag provides a longer and more dynamic area for punching, kicking, kneeing or elbowing at multiple levels for a total body workout.

Accessorise your combat training with a new pair of Reebok Leather Training Gloves. The gloves are available in a range of colour coded weights to help keep you motivated and focused during your training. The training gloves provide padding with great shock absorbency to protect against strain and injuries. Also in the range are Reebok Inner Gel Gloves and Reebok Hand Wraps which make great alternatives to gloves for lighter training whilst still providing support to the wrist.

Training with a friend, partner or personal trainer is a great way to make exercise fun and keep you motivated. The Reebok Kombat range offers a variety of options for training in pairs such as a the classic Reebok Hook and Jab Pads which are available in either curved or straight shapes to suit your training needs. Constructed with highly shock absorbent filling, these pads allow you to develop your accuracy and timing in safety. Also the Reebok Curved Strike Shield and Reebok Thai pads offer a larger strike surface allowing you more freedom to develop your combat style and technique while the shock absorbent filling keeps your training partner safe.  The Reebok combination gloves are a great money and space saving option as they can be used as either training gloves or sparring pads with padded palms displaying a target strike area.

Freshen up your combat training or fitness routine with the Reebok Kombat range available at Health and Care. All products are available with free delivery straight to your home or studio to help you put some fight into your fitness routine today.



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