Genumedi PT – A genuinely excellent knee support!

Sunday, 30 November 2014  |  Paul

Medi have a wide and in depth range of soft supports for active people, perfect for everyday, physical and sporting use. One of their flagship products is the Medi Genumedi PT Knee Support, a support designed to stabilise the patella and give a positive effect on the muscular structures that guide the patella to compensate for imbalance.
Medi have ploughed a tremendous amount of time and knowledge into clinical trials and the results have shown that the Genumedi PT Knee Support brings genuine pain relief to the wearer in over 80% of users plus there was a 20% increase in patient activity during and after using the Genumedi PT Knee Support. Overall patient satisfaction exceeded 94%!
The Genumedi PT Knee Support stabilises the knee using a silicone ring surrounding the patella, and also poses a positive effect on the muscle structures that guide the patella using precisely positioned straps and pelottes.
The Genumedi PT Knee Support offers you superb comfort features as well as being a scientifically proven support system. The materials used are water wicking, compression knit and kind on skin. It also features Clima Comfort and Clima Fresh Technology keeping sweat and body heat at bay, with antibacterial properties and breathable capabilities, perfect for even the hottest yoga class or holiday.
The Genumedi PT Knee Support is perfect for anyone requiring knee and patella support and stabilisation. Whether you’re a photographer, dancer, Police officer or zoo keeper, this knee support will look after you day after day of your active life style.

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