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Aircast AirSport Ankle Brace

Best First Aid Kits 2022

Friday, 22 October 2021  |  Paul

Most people aren't medical professionals, but it doesn't take a brain surgeon to know that you need proper first aid equipment in the workplace. When there's so much choice on offer, though, how do you decide which one's best for you?

That's where we come in. We've put together a list of the Top 5 First Aid Kits available for any situation, so you can rest easy, knowing that you're ready to deal with any emergency.

Best Overall First Aid Kit

Overall Winner: Evolution British Standard-Compliant Comprehensive Catering First Aid Point (Large)

Evolution British Standard-Compliant Comprehensive Catering First Aid Point (Large)Why We Love It...

  • Includes burn, first aid and eyewash kits to cover any emergency
  • Blue plasters allow for use in the catering industry
  • Fully compliant with British first aid standards

Ideal For...

  • Any workplace that requires food handling
  • Smoky or dark environments
  • Companies with a high number of employees

Editor’s Verdict: Maybe we’re a bit biased, but here at Health and Care we believe that you can never be too careful. That’s why we’ve chosen the Evolution Comprehensive Catering First Aid Point (Large) as our overall first aid kit winner. It comes packed full of first aid supplies to tackle any emergency you might face in the workplace, and with dressings and gels to instantly treat burns, a unique sterile eye wash, and 100 blue plasters, it’s even suitable for the catering industry. Employers should be conscious of their employees’ safety at all times, and the Evolution Comprehensive Catering First Aid Point (Large) makes sure they’re prepared for everything.

Runner Up: Evolution Comprehensive British Standard-Compliant First Aid Point


Best First Aid Kit for Burns

Our Winner: Red Stockholm Bag First Aid Kit for Burns

Red Stockholm Bag First Aid Kit for BurnsWhy We Love It...

  • Fully stocked with everything needed to treat even severe burns
  • Nifty, durable waterproof bag for easy transportation
  • Cuts out having to cool water to treat burns 

Ideal For...

  • Anywhere with a high risk of burns
  • Use in harsh outdoor environments
  • Kitchens and food manufacturing plants

Editor’s Verdict: While most minor burns will heal themselves, the more severe types require instant attention. The Red Stockholm Bag First Aid Kit is designed to be quickly and safely transported to wherever it’s needed, and its Burn Gels allow you to give treatment as soon as possible. Its durable bag is waterproof and has plenty of customisable net pockets that come fully stocked. If you need to treat burns on the go, the Red Stockholm Bag First Aid Kit is the one for you. 

Runner Up: Koolpak Burns First Aid Kit

Best BioHazard Clean Up First Aid Kit

Our Winner: Evolution First Aid and BioHazard Point

Red Stockholm Bag First Aid Kit for BurnsWhy We Love It...

  • Durable plastic cases protect their contents
  • Highly visible for emergencies
  • Holds enough equipment for multiple uses

Ideal For...

  • Workplaces with the risk of body fluid spills or first aid emergencies
  • Laboratories, doctors’ surgeries, and hospitals
  • Anyone with weak immune systems 

Editor’s Verdict: Cleaning up body fluids isn’t really anyone’s idea of a fun time, but every now and then it is a necessity. When it is, you’ll be glad to have the Evolution First Aid and BioHazard Point. It comes fully stocked with everything you’ll need to tend to injuries and clean up spills, and its portable orange and green cases are made of tough plastic to keep their contents safe and secure. Hygiene in the workplace is key, and so is the Evolution First Aid and BioHazard Point.



Best Eye Wash Station 

Our Winner: HypaClens 3-in-1 Eye Wash Station

Red Stockholm Bag First Aid Kit for BurnsWhy We Love It...

  • Its sterile eyewash combats alkali and acid to restore your eyes’ natural pH
  • Comes with 2.2 litres of solution, which exceeds HSE regulation
  • Clear instructions and a mirror for easy single-person use

Ideal For...

  • Any workplace with possible chemical spills
  • First-time eyewash users
  • Minor to major eye contaminations

Editor’s Verdict: Any chemical splash can be painful, but if it gets in your eyes, it’s doubly worrying. The HypaClens 3-in-1 Eye Wash Station has everything you’ll need to either fully treat minor contaminants or wash your eyes until further assistance can be found. It comes with clear graphic and written instructions for easy use, as well as a mirror in case there’s no one around to help. Protect your eyes, keep a HypaClens 3-in-1 Eye Wash Station handy at work. 


Best Compact First Aid Kit

Our Winner: Cederroth Mini First Aid Panel 

Red Stockholm Bag First Aid Kit for BurnsWhy We Love It...

  • Small enough to be kept in a rucksack or car
  • Packed full of first aid supplies
  • Its see-through lid lets you know when to restock

Ideal For...

  • Anyone who drives a lot
  • The safety-conscious outdoorsperson 
  • Either work or personal use

Editor’s Verdict: Just because you don’t have a lot of space, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to forego having a first aid point. The Cederroth First Aid Mini Panel is small enough to be portable or kept in your vehicle – but don’t worry, you’re still getting more than your money’s worth! The panel comes with ninety pieces of first aid equipment, including a neat SalveQuick dispenser to help apply plasters one-handed. You never know when you might need to patch someone up, but the Cederroth First Aid Mini Panel keeps you prepared.  



Like people, snowflakes and days of British weather, no two first aid emergencies are ever exactly the same. However, when they do happen, you need to make sure you’re prepared. Our first aids kits are all top quality, but whichever’s the most useful will differ from person to person.

If you’re not sure which one you want, it’s probably best to cover all angles, so I’d recommend the Evolution Comprehensive British Standard-Compliant First Aid Point. It’s available in three sizes, small, medium, and large – depending on how often you think you might need it – but each one is chock-full of supplies for any first aid emergency.