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Geemarc Amplipower 40 Amplified Telephone Video

Monday, 15 April 2013  |  Naomi

Geemarc Amplipower 40 Amplified Telephone Video 

 This is the Geemarc Amplipower 40, an amplified telephone with volume and tone control. The Amplipower 40 is powered by the mains. This means additional features can be enjoyed. However in case of a power failure, the backup batteries will kick in and there will be a seamless transition to this alternative power supply. 

Let me take you on a small tour of the Amplipower 40. At the top we have 3 emergency dial buttons. You can programme this buttons with the emergency numbers of your choice. There are 9 one touch memories down the right hand side. The memories will be retained even if the telephone is disconnected. At the front of the telephone is the extra bright flashing light that signals an incoming call. The top right hand corner of the phone has the amplifier on/off button. You can have the telephone set so that when you pick up the handset the phone is amplified. Or you can have it set at regular volume. Choose what is correct for you.

You can set the receiver volume level by moving the volume slider. You can also adjust the tone of the call so that you can amplify the low or high frequencies according to your needs. You can set the handsfree speaker volume level by moving the speaker volume slider. Handsfree enables you to have both hands available as you don't have to hold the receiver to your ear. 

At the bottom of the Amplipower 40 is a pull out drawer where you can make a note of all your direct memories. With the Amplipower 40 you can have the option of using a headset. Once you're phone is plugged in you are ready to enjoy hearing your loved ones again. To make a call just pick up the handset and dial. Or press one of your pre-programmed memory buttons. 

When someone call you the Amplipower 40 will ring and the extra bright LED's will flash. No more missed calls! If you wear a hearing aid fitted with a T-coil then all you have to do is move the t-coil switch to the "T" position.