From Bargain to Blowout: Open Patella Knee Braces

1 CommentMonday, 5 August 2013  |  Paul

Knee is pain is a common problem and many forms of knee pain can be associated with patella problems and instabilities. I well-chosen knee brace with an open patella section can provide great support for the whole knee whilst ensuring correct patella tracking to minimise pain and risk of knee injury.


Ultimate Performance Neoprene Knee Sleeve £11.49

The Ultimate Performance Neoprene Knee Sleeve is made from lightweight neoprene material which provides firm, even support whilst maintaining knee joint flexibility and promoting healing. The knee sleeve has durable lock stitched seams and an open patella that relieves pressure and improves patella tracking providing moderate levels of support. It is ideal for every day wear and will fit discretely under clothing to help with weak, stiff or aching knees, mild strains, arthritis and tendonitis.


Neo G Variable Compression Knee Support with Open Patella £19.99

This knee support is one of our most popular knee products and was recently featured in our Health and Care newsletter. The knee support is very comfortanle and can be tightened or loosened optimum fit, comfort and most importantly the right level of support. This also allows you to adjust the support while you are wearing it for maximum blood flow safety to your knee and surrounding areas. The patella opening with stitched buttress gives extra support to the patella and helps deliver the optimum amount of pressure required to restrict movement of the patella and relieve the pain of associated symptoms. The Neo G Open Patella Knee Support aids unstable medial/lateral ligaments and cartilage damage and is ideal for everyday use as well as sports and recovery uses.


Mueller Hinged Wrap Around Knee Brace £42.99

The Mueller Hinged Wrap Around Knee Brace is currently only £42.99 reduced from £44.99. This knee brace has a patented Triaxial hinge designed to properly track the knee joint and produce near normal joint motion and an open back design which also allows full motion. This brace is ideal for weak or injured knees that require maximum medial and lateral support without restricting mobility.

The patella opening has a supportive and comfortable buttress to stabilise and help protect the kneecap and offer superior patella control whilst adjustable straps provide controlled compression for custom support

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