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From Bargain to Blowout: Hand Rehabilitation Exercisers

Monday, 20 May 2013  |  Paul

We use our hands for almost everything during our dailylives and activities so recovering from an injury or condition that causesweakening of the hands and wrists is very important. From seriousrehabilitation needed for post Stroke and Arthritis treatment to buildingstrength following a fracture or break hand exercisers come in all kinds ofshapes, varieties and price points. Hand exercisers can also help withconditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and finger dislocations.

Your GP or physiotherapist can help you find the perfectproduct to suit your needs, here are some options you can choose from availableform Health and Care with free delivery:


Soft Gel Ball HandExercisers £5.99

The Soft Gel Ball Hand Exerciser is available in 5 differentstrengths, each with its own colour option making the correct strength easy toselect. They can also be purchased as a whole set allowing you to progressivelybuild your strength from weak to firm. The balls provide variable resistancetraining for your hands, fingers and forearms, simply squeeze the ball, holdand release, the ball returns back to its original shape after each squeeze.These simple yet effective gel balls provide a basic way to help develop andbuild strength and grip.


Power Web HandExerciser £87.99

The Power-Web Hand Exerciser is a versatile allround strength building device, it is very effective when used to exercise theforearm, wrist, fingers and thumb but can also be used on the feet and forintrinsic muscle training. The exerciser is available in different strengths;each strength option can also be adjusted for your own individual needs. Theunique webbed designed allows duplication of virtually all joint actionsallowing you to thoroughly exercise the whole hand and forearm for effectiveresults. The Power-Web is very simple and easy to use and comes with a fully illustratedmanual with 39 exercises to help you get the most of your rehab exercises.


Gripbuddy HandExercise System £177.99

The Gripbuddy Hand Exercise System offers a modernand innovative all in one system to develop your grip and overall handstrength. It has been designed to improve strength, endurance and hand co-ordinationand helps to build the flexor and extensor muscles in the fingers. The devicehas been ergonomically designed allowing good gripping in any position. For example, the centre chamber has an indentation curve design which conformsto the palm and fingers, and the wavy pattern of the centre component fits theposition of the fingers, and makes it easier to grip without slipping.

The Gripbuddy is ideal for the therapeutic andrehabilitative treatment of the hand and forearm.  It comeswith three resistances from soft to hard levels, which provide variousrehabilitation and training programs for many conditions. The item can helpwith conditions such as Carpal tunnel syndrome, De Quervains tenosynovitis and Strokerehab.