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From Bargain to Blow Out: Women’s Insoles for High Heeled Shoes

Sunday, 21 July 2013  |  Paul

It is only too easy to step out the house in new high heeled shoes with not even a suspicion of the pain that will come in only a few hours of wear! High heeled shoes are often a podiatrist’s worst nightmare and can cause pain and serious problems with prolonged wear. This can be made even worse in the summer months and in particular sandal styles of high heeled shoe offer very little in the way of foot support which will only make discomfort worse. Investing in a good pair of insoles designed for high heels is a great way to save your feet from pain and even to save your health too in the long term and whilst still wear your favourite shoes!

Superfeet Women's 3/4 High Heel Insoles £14.99

The Superfeet Women's 3/4 High Heel Insoles are made with a rigid plastic design in a shape that will help centre your foot, reduce pronation and naturally cushion heel impact. The anatomically designed shape helps to redistribute your body's weight so it is no longer completely resting on the ball of the foot, helping to increase stability and also reduce aching pain in the feet. They can even help to improve the overall fit of your shoes. These insoles are ideal for all arch types and can be worn with boots or fashion heels 1.5" or higher.

Orthaheel Slimfit Insoles £22.99

Orthaheel Slimfit Insoles are form the popular Orthaheel insole range and fit almost invisibly into all types of women's fashion footwear, including sandals and high heels so are ideal for wear all year round. They have an inbuilt metatarsal raise to align the 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsals, to relieve pain at the ball of the foot and allow correct alignment of the foot and ankle. They are made from soft comfortable material which helps to relieve pain and discomfort form heeled fashion footwear.

Trio Slimfit Insoles £42.99

The Trio Slimfit Insoles are made from medium density EVA foam which offers comfortable forefoot cushioning alongside mild biomechanical within a low profile design. The insoles have inner medial heel posts to reduce pronation forces that stress the arch of the foot and a gentle metatarsal dome stabilises the toe joints. The anti-bacterial top cover helps keep your shoes and feet hygienic and odour free. These insoles are ideal for sufferers of Plantar fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Tendonitis and many other foot conditions.

All of the insoles featured in this article are available with free delivery for mainland UK addresses from