From Bargain to Blow Out: Sports Insoles

Monday, 29 April 2013  |  Paul

Are you feeling inspired after last week’s London marathon? Whether you are a seasoned runner looking to train to marathon standard or a running newbie getting up to their first 5k run a pair of sports insoles is an essential piece of kit. Sports insoles can help you to improve your running technique by providing support in all the right places, they can also help prevent injury as they help align your joints and cushion you from the harsh impact of pavement pounding.


Spenco Ironman Sports Trimmable Insoles £15.99

These colourful insoles have been designed to supply energy, strength and endurance making them ideal insoles or running. They are made from different density gels and plastics to provide athletic cushioning, stability and comfort.  The base is made from Polyurethane which gives efficient energy return from every strike for improved performance while running. The insoles also features shock pads in their technical construction designed to absorb impact and help evenly distribute the shock that affects the heel and forefoot area.

The Spenco insoles also have a special anatomical centring device which helps provide maximum motion control to correctly position the foot and help reduce the risk of injury and pain which is ideal for beginner runner who are finding and developing their technique.


Max Cushion Orthosole Insoles £39.99

The Max Cushion Orthosole Insoles are effective and completely customisable. Each pair of insoles comes with 6 different alternate arch and metatarsal support pads that can be altered to achieve a custom fit and provide the correct level of support for your own individual needs. 

OrthoSole Insoles provide custom levels of support under the foot to improve the body’s balance and alignment and better weight distribution which contributes towards reducing body aches and pains to helps aids better performance in physical activity and reduce risk of injury.

 These insoles help stabilise ankle joints during foot strike which is ideal for running on grass when the risk of rolling the ankle out on uneven surfaces is increased.

Technical parts of the insole include the metatarsal p ad which improves weight distribution and cushions the ball of the foot, a heel chassis and gel heel inserts that help stabilise the ankle joints during foot easing impact as well as Eva arch and metatarsal pads to provide support, control and improved weight distribution.

The insoles have a top cover made from moisture wicking nylon fibres which keep feet cooler, drier and more comfortable. The insoles are constructed from Poron Urethane and Eva Heat which allows the insoles to conform to the shape of the foot and optimise distribution of weight to prevent pressure concentrations in weight bearing areas of the foot.


Blow Out

Bauerfeind TRIactive Run Orthotic Insoles £69.99

The Bauerfeind TRIactive Run Orthotic Insoles are a 3-zone foot orthotics specially designed for sporty and active people, with vertical cushion layer technology providing cushioning and guidance of the feet to decrease muscular fatigue and alleviate strain injuries.

These insoles are designed to support flattened arches, to relieve pressure on the joints and correction of misalignments of the loco motor system alongside loading, unloading and cushioning relevant areas of the foot to improve performance and technique. The insoles are ideal for flat foot, splay foot, pes valgus and alleviation of knee and back pain from running.

The insoles are constructed from premium soft foam and high-quality Eva with patented, three-dimensional, non-irritant connections between the material zones. They provide a soft cushioning zone to reduce pressure on the forefoot and metatarsal areas, a support zone for extensive absorption of the body weight in the metatarsal area and a guidance zone to offer the heel and the hind foot a secure grip and optimizing the natural orientation of the foot.

All insoles are available from Health and Care with Free Delivery!