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From Bargain to Blow Out: Cooling Pillow Pads

Monday, 15 July 2013  |  Paul

It’s finally Summer! Although we may love the heat during the day it becomes inescapable at night when it’s time for bed. Many of us feel uncomfortable and frustrated during the summer trying to sleep in the heat kicking off duvets and adjusting fans. At Health and Care we stock a range of cooling bedding ideal for the summer months or taking on holiday including cool pads especially for your pillow. Everyone loves the cold side of the pillow and now the pillow can always be cold side up!


Mini Chillow Pillow £21.99


The Chillow Pillow can be refrigerated to activate its maximum cooling effect and will stay cool on both sides. The Mini Chillow Pillow has many applications and its small size makes it versatile enough to use for travelling, sport  or as a cold compress for sprains, strains and bruises as well as its original use as cooling bedding. The Mini Chillow Pillow can even be used to calm hot flushes and sunburn. The pillow is soft, smooth and comfortable and is made from materials that are hypoallergenic and nontoxic with memory foam properties.


Cooling Pillow Topper £24.99

The Cooling Pillow Topper Pad is a cotton pad filled with a gel that delivers a cooling effect when in contact with the body. The Cool Pad Pillow Topper can be used for many applications including headaches, sunburn, hot feet or high temperatures & increased body heat due to medication, or just to cool down at night. The cooling feel is activated each time you move and requires no electricity or running costs.

Blow Out

PCM (Phase Changing Material) Cooling Pillow Pad £29.95

The PCM (Phase Changing Material) Cooling Pillow Pad is made with fine crystals which change to liquid as they absorb body heat to provide a constantly cool pad. It is lightweight, slim and portable which makes it ideal for taking on your travels. The Cooling Pillow Pad can be used instantly out of the box and regenerates when not in use 1 hour. It can decrease body temperature by 2-3 degrees for up to 6 hours and can take more than 25 times the heat than an equivalent amount of water or gel pad takes and can therefore remain cooler for longer.  The cooling Pillow Pad is ideal for use with sleeping disorders, fever and high temperature, migraines and headaches and ot flushes caused by menopause, chemo/radiotherapy or hormone changes. It is also ideal for aches, pains, strains and sprains and skin irritations e.g. eczema, insect bites, allergies and sunburn. It is idela to keep as part of a first aid kit as you will always have an instant cold pad with you requiring no energy or fridge to use.

Health and Care stocks a range of cooling bedding including mattress toppers as well as pillow toppers, all with Free UK Delivery!