Foot Pain Relief From Health and Care

Monday, 14 April 2014  |  Amy

Foot pain and ankle problems affect a large population in the UK. Your feet are an important part of the body that we often take for granted, until they start to cause problems. Some foot pain can be relieved by rest alone. If you have been standing up or walking for long periods of time, all your feet are crying out for is a little ‘feet up’ time.

Other foot pain can be due to a more complex medical condition however, which may need additional support to lessen pressure. Whether you suffer from ulcers, trauma, infections, or have undergone surgery one suggestion your local GP or Physiotherapist may recommend would be to wear a wound shoe.

Here are 3 of our top wound shoes for post-operative and other pressure related foot pain:

Basic Post-Op Shoe

The Basic Post-Op Shoe features a rigid non-slip sole which is semi flexible to allow normal gait. This Basic Post-Op Shoe is ideal for swelling, oedematous or bandaged feet. Being a Basic Post-Op Shoe, it is a simple shoe design with a padded nylon upper and return loop buckles.

Duralite Post Operative Shoe

Specifically designed for patient comfort, the Duralite Post Operative Shoe features an ultra-lightweight sole and is made of soft breathable mesh. The reinforced heel counter of the Duralite Post Operative Shoe, provides extra stability, while the padded heel collar provides added comfort. The Duralite Post Operative Shoe is available in 2 different widths and shapes so comfortably accommodate different foot shapes.

Darco All Purpose Boot

The Darco All Purpose Boot suits all seasons as the closed toe protection allows dressings to be kept clean and toes dry, providing more protection for post-operative procedures and fibreglass casts. There are removable EVA insoles in the Darco All Purpose Boot which make it fully customisable to offload pressure points if needed. A rocker bottom on the boot encourages a smooth roll throughout the gait pattern and reduces pressure on the heel and forefoot. The metashank construction also provides for a reinforced sole under the Metatarsal heads to reduce motion.