First Aid Kit Challenge

Thursday, 2 May 2013  |  Paul


Everybody has one! Whether it’s in a cupboard, a bag or box hidden away in the house ... Is the essential First Aid Kit. These can take many shapes and forms. I remember my Grandmother had hers in an old roses tin and even included Army and Navy sweets but the challenge is do you have one and most importantly do you know what’s in it?  

Last week I had the awful moment where I needed a plaster and managed to find my very old little First Aid Kit which when opened contained a Menolin patch, eye cleaner and a sling. ( it did look as pitiful as it sounds)

Working at Health and Care has its advantages as I found the Steroplast Mini First Aid Kits on the Health and Care website. These are a great and affordable option for personal First Aid. They come in a number of options which are designed for activities such like Hiking, Cycling, Family days out, home kits and other outdoor pursuits.  There is one that can be left in the Car which is always advised by the AA, as I’m sure some of you will remember the adverts advising us to have First Aid kits in the car especially when we have long car journeys ahead. These do not take up much space and they come in a sturdy carry case which is very practical.

So my challenge is to check your First Aid box to see what you have, hopefully you have a complete kit but if not check out our extensive First Aid Range we have First Aid kits to cater for all.

Hopefully you won’t need it but if you do you make sure you have what you need even if it’s just a plaster.





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