Feel Super with Superfeet from Health and Care

Monday, 3 November 2014  |  Amy

Superfeet insoles distinct shape help to stabilise feet, while the deep structured heel cup and full-length foam provide support and comfort. Superfeet insoles are recognised for their 3 supporting features:

  1. A structured heel cup to enclose and position the soft tissue under the heel, maximising shock absorption.
  2. Rearfoot support to ensure you feel supported at the back of your arch and front of your heel.
  3. A firm foam layer and stabiliser cap for firm stabilisation.

We have a wide range of Superfeet insoles available from performance to copper, wide fit to deluxe. Here are a few of our top Superfeet insoles:

Superfeet Green Insoles

Superfeet Green Insoles feature an AgION antimicrobial top cover treatment to reduce bacteria and help prevent foot odour.

Superfeet treat the top covers of all their Trim-to-Fit Premium Insoles with Agion® antimicrobial technology. Agion's natural, silver-based antimicrobial is built right into their products to provide long-lasting protection against bacteria. Agion adds continuous cleanliness to Superfeet's Premium Insoles - creating a clean, comfortable combination.

Designed primarily for footwear with a removable insole, Superfeet Green Insoles are the world's most popular insole. Superfeet Green Insoles provide excellent biomechanical support for the widest variety of foot shapes.

Superfeet Black DMP Insoles

Superfeet’s new Black DMP Insoles have a unique 3-layer foam system featuring our new ‘Dynamic Molding Process’ to provide comfortable, therapeutic support for sensitive feet.

The top cover of the Superfeet Black DMP is designed to help decrease friction due to excessive motion, and the multi-layered, self-molding foam full length helps distribute plantar pressure and improve fit.

The Superfeet Black DMP skegs under the heel of the 3/4 length stabilizer cap provide stability posting for the rear foot. If necessary, they can be modified by a qualified healthcare professional to fit specific requirements. Superfeet Black DMP Insoles are ideal for people who find conventional orthotics uncomfortable.

Superfeet Yellow Amarillo Premium Insole

The Superfeet Yellow Amarillo Premium Insole has been designed to fit the unique heel-to-toe profile of skates and road cycling shoes. Superfeet Yellow Amarillo is ideal for low to medium arched feet yet accommodates all arch types.