Fashionable Safety Glasses

Tuesday, 21 May 2013  |  Paul

Although I’ve had bad vision for quite some time now, I’ve always insisted on wearing contact lenses as I was convinced that glasses didn’t suit me.  Even through the times when it was cool to wear glasses! Hell, people who didn’t need them were wearing frames, with NOTHING inside! Because it was cool! It was a crazy time.  But I still shied away.  The main problem being, I have a small face, the term pin head may have been thrown around a few times.  I was forced to choose from the teen range for my emergency glasses which was by no means cool for a 20 year old.

But times have changed! I recently suffered an eye infection and was told I had to wear glasses for a week.  I was horrified, as my in case of emergencies teen glasses were by now definitely broken, with a liability of falling apart at any moment without a large amount of sellotape! By some stroke of luck, I was able to get my new glasses in a swift one hour after ordering them and now I am a glasses convert.  There’s a lot more range out there now, even for us pinheads, I even moved up to ADULT glasses! I have finally matured!  Hooray! 

It has excited me to see that the range of glasses has not been restricted to your standard glasses or sunglasses, but even to safety glasses.  At University I was often seen donning a pair of safety glasses, and of course, looking ridiculous, but hey everyone does.  But now, you don’t have to.  There’s a whole range of functional, and fashionable safety glasses out there, so you can protect your eyes without having to look ridiculous at the same time.  I’m a fan of the tortoiseshell frames myself, but there’s something for everyone, from the standard safety glasses to thick rimmed, with fog or UV protection as an option so there is something for every situation.  To see more of the great options available, have a look at the protective eyewear category on the Health and Care website.