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Fantastic Range of Folding Walking Sticks from

Thursday, 22 May 2014  |  Amy

Summer is starting to feel like it’s almost here, so why not brighten your wardrobe and walking aid? Whether you are looking for a floral patterned walking stick, metallic finish walking stick, wood effect walking stick or even a glowing handled walking stick, there are many stylish and practical folding walking sticks and folding canes available.

Here are 4 of our top folding walking sticks:

Derby Handle Folding Walking Stick in Pink Roses

The Derby Handle Folding Walking Stick is comes with the very popular Derby Handle, which offers excellent support and carries the user's weight directly over the shaft of the walking stick. The curves on the Derby Handle help to prevent the hand from slipping forward or backward.

This Derby Handle Folding Walking Stick is a height adjustable walking stick which folds neatly into four sections, making it an ideal walking stick to use when travelling. The Derby Handle Folding Walking Stick is available in different prints: Pink Roses patterned walking stick, Autumn Gold pattern walking stick, Cream Floral walking stick, Grey Floral walking stick, Multicoloured Floral walking stick, Red Grapes patterned walking stick and many more.

Orthopaedic Folding Cane

This Orthopaedic Folding Cane comes in a range of colours including a coffee brown design and is easily folded. It is a height adjustable cane and is available in both a Right and Left hand design making it a very versatile and easy to use cane.

The Orthopaedic Folding Cane is a folding walking stick fitted with a cream Fischer handle invented by Austrian arthritis specialist Dr Fischer. This orthopaedic walking stick offers excellent support to sufferers of conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism, because it is more easily grasped than a narrower walking stick handle and spreads the user's weight across the hand.

Adjustable Extra Long Folding Derby Walking Stick - Burr Pattern

The Adjustable Extra Long Folding Derby Walking Stick - Burr Pattern is a very attractive folding walking stick suitable for taller people.  The hardwood derby handle offers excellent support to the hand, and may be hooked over the arm when not in use.  The walking stick shaft is patterned with a rich, burr wood-effect pattern.

Drive Medical Folding Walking Stick (Glow Handle)

The ingenious Folding Walking Stick with Glow Handle is designed to meet the highest standards of functionality. Not only does it collapse into four parts, making transport and storage convenient, but it is made to be easy to find in the dark. 

This glow in the dark walking stick's glowing handle will always be easy to reach when you need it most. The standard wrist strap also ensures this cane will always be on hand.