Falling off the wagon….

Sunday, 7 July 2013  |  Paul

So this week, exercise and eating healthily has taken a back seat. I haven’t been to the gym once and I’ve had chocolate and bad food pretty much every day!

I’m sure most of you also find that it’s not about getting bored of your workout, it’s just about being able to find the time. Even though my gym is only a 15 minute walk away, that feels like the longest journey when you really can’t be bothered.

I’m going to try and get a few bits together to I can do effective workouts at home, when I’m feel too lazy to get to the gym. The most popular home workout accessory at the moment is The Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller and even though I see them every day, I haven’t had the pleasure of trying one out.

I’ve been watching loads of videos on YouTube and it actually looks really hard and I didn’t realise we also sell DVDs to go with this until recently! The DVDs come in 3 different levels which is good for a complete beginner like me. Plus people always say when you’re bored with your workout you should try something new, we’ve got loads of other weird and wonderful fitness accessories in the Fitness and Rehabilitation Category.  

I’m hoping the Trigger will help me kick start the exercise regime again this week! What do you guys do when you’ve fallen off the wagon?

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