​Eyes Cast to McIlroy’s Recovery: The Aircast A60

Thursday, 16 July 2015  |  Paul

It was a sad day for sports fans everywhere when Rory McIlroy this month announced he would not be able to defend his title at The 2015 Open Championship. It was even sadder to think that the golfer's misfortune came down to a game of football and a result that left the world number one out of action for the foreseeable future. 

Just because they play like Supermen, the champs of the sporting world are no more immune to injury than any other pair of legs, or arms, or ankles. Even at Health and Care we are not immune to the odd strain as we strive to help make the world better. Thankfully though, whether a sporting legend, a casual walker, or James down in our warehouse, your injury can soon be a thing of the past thanks to the Aircast A60.

The Choice of Champions

McIlroy has proven himself to be a man of high standards not only in sport but in sports care when he was spotted earlier this week wearing his own Aircast ankle brace. Not the first pro sportsman to call on the exceptional support of this professional cast, Andy Murray was spotted showing off his own Aircast A60 at Wimbledon earlier this month, a decision that helped him power through to the semi-finals.

You don’t need to wait for injury to strike in order to take advantage of high quality support. Not that we’re the type to say ‘we told you so’ to the best players in the world, but it would have taken more than a renegade football to take Rory down if the Aircast A60 had been on side.

A Professional Cast for Professional Care

Let’s cast an eye over just some of the features that mean the Aircast A60 is fast becoming the support of choice for the country’s finest sportsmen:

•    A 60° stabiliser guards against both sides of the ankle, stopping foot rollover and strains
•    Breath-O-Prene fabric means support doesn’t have to be smothering 
•    Sleek, anatomic design for a comfortable, light-weight fit
•    Simple single strap application and adjustment spells the end of time-consuming lacing
•    Internal sleeve that can be perfectly fit to your size, stopping chaffing and friction
•    Underfoot, close-wrapping mesh stops your support moving, not matter how much you do

All this contained in a low-profile design, thin enough to fit into any shoe without compromising the support, fit or performance. The Aircast is a durable and unobtrusive product that will give you support over a longer period of time without bothering or hampering your movements.

High Praise for High Performance

What? The endorsement of Andy Murray and Rory McIlroy still not enough to have you convinced? Head over and check out the overwhelming positive reviews that are flooding in for this high-performance brace, our customers might not be taking on world championship tournaments, but they need support for something far more important – their everyday health.  

The Aircast A60 is available at our online store, complete with free delivery on all orders. Grab your piece of professional sports care now!

Aircast A60 Ankle Brace

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